Sultan’s Fortune Slots

Enjoy a fun-filled slots online machine that takes the stress out of things when you play Sultan’s Fortune. You’ll get all the flash and flurry of a Vegas casino without all the headaches, disturbances and pushy, sweaty crowds of people breathing down your neck! Imagine, not having to wait on a line for your favourite machine; it’s loaded up, ready and waiting for you to play. So, head straight for our online casino today, and have fun without any strings attached!

Play Sultan's Fortune Slots Online

Sultan’s Fortune Slots Highlights

Sultan’s Fortune is a simple, single-line version that takes on the theme of an Arabian ruler. The screen has houses and buildings made in the style for that culture, and the logo is of the smiling monarch, too. Of course, a few of the reel symbols will have you wondering if he is more of a half bit magician than an all-powerful ruler, but that really won’t matter once the cash starts rolling in! Do you know how to turn little pictures into big profits? Let’s show you a couple of things to help make this experience as profitable and exciting as possible.

Sultan’s Fortune Slots Pay Chart

For starters, you should familiarize yourself with the paytable, as you should when playing all of our Slots Heaven casino games online. This is a chart that holds the reel icons and their values for your reference. The least valuable images are placed at the bottom, with the greatest winners resting on the top. As you can see, any three symbols that land on the payline will reward you with twice your wager. That is true if you bet one unit. If you wager two units, however, the value jumps up to four times. This is indicated by the second column on the chart. This same system can be followed all the way up the table for all the symbols, making calculations clear and easy to do on a moment’s notice. Of course, you’ll never have to make your own calculations because our system does it for you anyway, but it’s good to know what’s going on behind the scenes!

When playing Sultan’s Fortune at Slots Heaven, look for gold coins, glistening gems, swords, hearts and magician’s hats. You’ll notice that the second column is usually double the amount of the first column all the way up until the magic top hat. This icon changes things a little. Instead of getting double the single unit amount, the higher wager will pay you 10,000 coins for this win! Good luck and happy gambling!