10 Line Jacks or Better

10 Line Jacks or Better is an exciting variation on the Jacks or Better online video poker game. This game variation comes with a progressive jackpot added into the mix. There are many other online slots that come with progressive jackpots, and only a few video poker progressives, which makes this game choice an exciting one for players at Slots Heaven. Not only does this game come with 10 lines of cards to increase the chances of receiving winning combinations, it also has the progressive jackpot attached to it. The progressive jackpot is paid out when a player gets a Royal Flush when betting the maximum bet.

Play 10-Line Jacks or Better Videopoker Online

10 Line Jacks or Better Payouts

The lowest value hand in the 10 Lines Jacks or Better game is the single pair made up of Jacks or Better, which pays out even money. Two Pair pays out 2 to 1, and Three of a Kind pays out 3 to 1. A Straight pays out 4 to 1, and a Flush pays out 5 to 1. The Full House hand pays out 7 to 1, and the Four of a Kind hand pays out 25 to 1. A Straight Flush win, the second highest hand, is paid out at 50 to 1, and the Royal Flush is paid out at 250 to 1. For players who win on a Royal Flush, and have wagered the max bet, the progressive jackpot will pay out, however, it is important to note that it pays out on the first line only, and all subsequent Royal Flushes in the other hands that were played will pay out the regular amount of 4,000 coins.

10 Line Jacks or Better Progressive Video Poker

When playing progressive jackpot online casino games, the jackpot will continue to grow until it is hit. If it is not hit very often, it can be quite lucrative when it is hit. The 10 Line Jacks or Better game at Slots Heaven is a large progressive jackpot. When playing this version of Jacks or Better, players will find that game play is somewhat similar, although there will be 10 lines of cards that are dealt to the player. The player will choose which cards to Hold, and after this choice has been made, the video poker hand will be dealt, with each of the 10 lines receiving cards from a fresh 52-card deck. With 10 lines of cards, players stand a greater chance of winning.