Joker Poker Video Poker

The thrill of playing high quality video poker casino games is enhanced when you choose variants of the game with a twist such as Joker Poker. The object of Joker Poker at Slots Heaven is to make up the best possible five card poker hand with a winning combination, according to the game's pay table. The most important feature to remember about Joker Poker is that the Joker card is considered the wild card of the game and therefore stands in for any other to form winning combinations. Once you enjoy a couple of rounds of the game, you'll understand exactly how things work.

Play Joker Poker Videopoker Online

How to Play Joker Poker

Joker Poker at these slots is a simple but rewarding variant of video poker and is understood very quickly.

This is how it is played:

  • Select the coin denomination you wish to wager.
  • Select how many coins you wish to wager. Tip: Clicking on the Bet Max button increases the wager to the maximum five coins.
  • Click Deal to have five cards dealt to you.
  • With the objective to make the best five card hand you can, select which cards you want to hold on to and which you want to discard. Tip: Remember that the Joker is a wild card and stands in for all others.
  • Click Deal again to have the discarded cards replaced.
  • You are paid out according to the game's pay table. You need at least a pair of Kings to enjoy a payout.
  • If you win in this round, you have the chance of doubling your prize. This optional bonus feature has you draw a card and if its value is higher than the card displayed in the game, you win.

Customer Support at Slots Heaven

If you need help learning the ropes to play Joker Poker – or any other of the casino games at Slots Heaven online casino for that matter – don't hesitate to contact the site's excellent customer support team. Assistance is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, where you can ask questions regarding the rules of the game, the different wagering options and how payouts are calculated. If you need help regarding payment for your online video poker entertainment, you'll find a friendly customer support person on the other end, who will reply in a prompt and professional manner.