Wild Games Slots

It’s that time again, when the animal world is up in arms over their version of the Olympics competition. The Wild Games slots online bring us close to the action as our animal friends compete on our behalf to bring us prizes, jackpots and golden rewards and this competition is like none other.

Play Wild Games Slots Online

The symbols in this competitive online casino Slots Heaven offering include fiercely competitive animals, shiny medals and the traditional numbers and face cards found on the reels. As you spin the five reels and 25 paylines of Wild Games you will meet the competitors; the heartwarming hippo, the quick thinking cheetah, and the focused bulldog that are ready and willing to assist you in winning.

Enjoy All Of The Wild Games Slots Bonuses

The full figured hippo activates the Balance Beam Bonus. In this bonus you must choose one of the three hippo gymnasts to compete in the balance beam routine. If you have chosen the most skilled gymnast and she is able to complete her routine, you win free spins. And, if your flexible hippo completes the gymnastics routine fast enough, you could possibly win up to eight free spins with multipliers.

The 100m Dash Bonus, which is similar to the Balance Beam Bonus, is activated by the super-fast cheetah. You will need to pick a cheetah you wish to run the race on your behalf. If your chosen cat was the fastest, your prize will be up to eight free spins. More free spins means more chances to win. Each of the medals comes with bonuses, so pay close attention to what you might win and choose your cheetah with care because big stuff is coming your way.

The Freestyle Swim Bonus, featuring our bulldog competitor, offers you the chance to win up to 200 free spins. When you pick the Bulldog with the best skills you have a chance to win a gold, silver or bronze medal. Picking the best Bulldog will lead the way to bigger and better payouts and cash prizes in your bankroll.

Play Wild Games Slots And Win Today

It’s up to you; you can either watch competitive sports on television or you can start earning real money and real prizes playing Wild Games. All of the Slots Heaven casino games are full of fabulous bonuses and prizes. The wide variety of casino fun is waiting for you. Go ahead and open your account today, that way you can start collecting your gold medals just like the professional athletes do because, hey, you won’t win while you sit on the sidelines!