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Lost to the mists of time, alchemy is the legendary search for immortality and the science of transforming base metals into gold. From ancient times, hidden away in secret basement laboratories, wise men used both science and magic to unlock the secrets of eternal youth and unbelievable riches. They worked with dangerous and poisonous chemicals, but the lure of the ultimate prize kept them driven. Even if one of their experiments ended in nothing but a puff of smoke, there was always a chance that the next attempt would end in success! At Slots Heaven South Africa you can relive the thrilling experiments of those brave scholars. Who know, your search could lead you to the gold!

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No one can be sure about the origins of the magical science of alchemy, but by the Middle Ages it was practiced all around the known world. In ancient catacombs and secret attic spaces, alchemists mixed potions and powders and studied cryptic texts in their quest for gold and immortality. As any fan of British teenage wizards will know, they were looking for the philosopher’s stone which was a legendary material that had magical powers. Alchemist’s Lab will take you on that search and maybe even on a trip down memory lane to chemistry lessons at school! You will get to mix and match all kinds of colourful potions; and there’s no chance of explosions, we promise. We will help you in your search for treasures with our free $100 (plus 200 free spins) bonus which you can use in any of our online casino games.

Mix and Match for Wins with Alchemist’s Lab at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

Alchemist’s Lab is a traditional online slot machine with 3 paylines. It’s the ideal slot for beginners, anyone with a fascination for science and alchemy, or just fans of a classic slot experience. The simple but thrilling gameplay features bonus games and free spins and it really is one of the best looking machines online. Try to match potions, gold rings and dusty old books, but keep a special eye out for the coins because if they feature on your paylines you are guaranteed to have a win! If you match 3 books you start a bonus game in which you mix up chemicals to create glittering gold! If it all sounds simple, it actually is! Come and try this great addition to our library of online slots for an amazing gaming experience.