Play Alien Hunter slots at Slots Heaven

Space is the final frontier, so strap in and blast off on an exciting adventure into deep space. Your mission is to explore strange new worlds and capture weird and colourful aliens in this science fiction, big game hunter themed slot machine. Danger and thrills are bread and butter to the famed interstellar renegade at the centre of this game. Shooting through galaxies in his gleaming rocket ship, he protects earth against invaders by hunting them down and capturing them! Slots Heaven South Africa is proud to take you on a breath-taking interplanetary journey to collect Xenomorph eggs and hunt alarming aliens in an adventure that is out of this world.

Alien Hunter Online Slot: One Small Step for Man, One Giant Bonus of $100 (plus 200 free spins)

If you have a passion for science fiction, Alien Hunter is THE slot machine for you. This is a fantastic slot for anyone who loves the little green men, be it in the movies, TV shows, or novels. Alien Hunter is an adventure, a journey to a faraway that will appeal to anyone who loves close encounters of the nerd kind. The force will need to be strong in you as you fight the menacing monsters and build up your spaceship’s defensive shields. Each extra-terrestrial you encounter is more dangerous and more valuable than the last, but fear not: as a rookie bounty hunter you will get a free $100 (plus 200 free spins) bonus that you can use not only in this game but across our vast online casino games universe.

Prepare to Explore the Final Frontier with Alien Hunter at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino!

Alien Hunter brings to you all the thrills and spills of a path-breaking journey. You get a chance to hunt down and capture wicked aliens in this 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine. The high quality space age, comic book style graphics are guaranteed to take to back to a time of Saturday matinees. The roller coaster ride of not one but two bonus games is enough to keep any adrenalin junkie astronaut happy!

This is a fully featured game with scatter symbols, wild symbols and huge multipliers, which means there’s an entire universe of possible combinations for you to exploit! Your bounty depends on the type of alien you catch: it could be a three-eyed alien, a bug-eyed fish, a slobbering green monster, or a ferocious blue meanie. The more horrible it is, the more it is worth! Two bonus games will have you battling monsters with your trusty ray-gun, so keep an eye out for the disgusting creature’s eggs, or the brave space pilot. Like all our other online slots, Alien Hunter brings to you a truly ‘out of this world’ gaming experience!