Play Double Attack Blackjack at Slots Heaven

Double Attack Blackjack is one of the most popular versions of blackjack that you see at online casinos. It’s not too difficult to see why: you play Double Attack Blackjack with a Spanish deck instead of a regular deck. A Spanish deck has 48 cards instead of the usual 52, because all the 10s are removed. That is not the only difference when you compare it to the traditional version of blackjack. Find out more about this amazing game at this slot casino.

Playing Double Attack Blackjack at Slots Heaven South Africa

As the name suggests, Double Attack Blackjack gives you an opportunity to increase two-fold the size of your wager against the dealer. That is not the only way the game is different from the standard blackjack game, though. The game starts the same way as the regular game – with you placing a wager, but it is the dealer’s card that is revealed first. This means the onus is on you to decide the strategy from the get-go.

Now that you have seen the dealer’s initial card you have to decide whether or not you want to get involved in the Max Double Attack. If you do you receive two cards and the dealer draws one face-down card. At this point you can double your initial bet, double both, or simply hit, stand, or surrender. All wins are paid out as even bets, including blackjack, although an insurance bet pays out at 5:2. That should be reason enough for you to go to our list of online casino games on the double and launch your attack with Double Attack Blackjack with our supercharged $100 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus.

The Bust It Side Bet in Double Attack Blackjack

Another interesting accompaniment to the main action in Double Attack Blackjack is the Bust It side bet. This bet is purely optional. You must decide right at the beginning whether you wish to activate the Bust It side bet or not. If you decide to activate it, you have to play it alongside the main game and not as a stand-alone option.

The Bust It bet requires that the dealer’s hand exceed 21 on exactly the third card, not the fourth, fifth, or any other card. Depending on which card the dealer draws third when he busts, you benefit with odds ranging from 3 to 15 to 1. An intriguing anomaly is that Bust It remains active even if your main hand has bust or you have blackjack. In fact you could end up with a winning hand even if your main hand was a loser! Double Attack Blackjack is a lot of fun. All you have to do now is get to a blackjack table at Slots Heaven South Africa and pick this wonderful game from our roster of online blackjack games.