Play Blackjack Super 21 at Slots Heaven

Blackjack has plenty of variations to keep everyone interested and Blackjack Super 21 is no exception. It differs from the traditional version in numerous ways but the excitement remains the same! Under traditional rules the strategy is based solely on trying to get closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21. However, in Blackjack Super 21 a player can also be rewarded for the number of cards they hold in their hand.

We at this Slots site believe that variety is the spice of life. That is why we have for you a range of exciting online blackjack games, including Blackjack Super 21.

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Going Low can Leave You on a High in Blackjack Super 21

It’s always nice to be dealt an ace, a picture card, or a 10 as your first card in blackjack. But what happens if the situation is not so favourable, say when you get a two and then a three? That might be a bummer in traditional blackjack, but that is not the case in Blackjack Super 21.

In Blackjack Super 21 getting low cards can prove an advantage. For example, a player holding six cards in his hand for a total value of 20 – also known as Six Card Charlie – automatically wins regardless of the dealer’s hand. Another benefit is that a player wins instantly should he hold five or more cards with a total of 21. If you’ve ever been frustrated with a blackjack hand which is then trumped by the dealer winning with the same hand then worry no longer. In Super 21 your blackjack will always beat the dealer’s. Players can also split up to four times, even with an ace, double after a split, and surrender on any number of cards even after doubling.

Now, that is a lot of encouragement for you to try your hand at Blackjack Super 21 from our list of online casino games. And if that is not enough, we have some super-hot incentive for you as well, in the form of a smashing $100 welcome bonus!

Check the Payouts in Blackjack Super 21 with Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

In Blackjack Super 21 the payouts are different from the traditional game. For instance, blackjack, Six Card Charlie, and ordinary wins pay 1:1, but five or more cards for 21 pay out double. One of the suits is weighted towards bigger payouts too. If you get a diamond blackjack then the payout ratio tilts to a cool 2:1. Ties are always a push, unless you hold blackjack, in which case you win!

Now that you know the difference between Blackjack Super 21 and our other online blackjack games all you need to do is get on your way to some exciting blackjack gameplay!