Play Goblin’s Cave slots at Slots Heaven

Goblins are portrayed as despicably naughty and short, ugly creatures who love nothing more than troubling anyone who crosses their path. They enjoy terrorizing children and playing malevolent tricks on people. One of their main loves is hoarding treasure, especially gold and jewellery, in the dark and lonely caves where they live. It is said that their laugh can curdle the blood so we advise you not to crack any jokes if a goblin suddenly pops into view.

Do not ever feel guilty about helping yourself to his precious loot because this grotesque little fella would undoubtedly have acquired it through some devious means. It’s probably wise to wait until this short fellow leaves his dark dwelling to steal a horse or a baby or whatever delights his evil mind. He has plenty of treasure in his cave so sneak down to Slots Heaven South Africa and have a go at his illegally acquired bounty.

Grab Some Coin Loot When You Play the Goblin’s Cave Online Slot

The goblin may be a little old meanie but that should not stop you from stealing his beloved treasure. But beware; this unsavoury demon will most likely be sitting atop of his stash, lamp in hand, to catch any intruders trespassing on his domain. The coins he has collected throughout the years are stacked pretty high so you may wish to have a look around; you will most likely find crowns, coronets, golden urns, and gem-studded rings.

Of course, such a dangerous mission requires generous assistance and incentive; that is why are offering $100 (plus 200 free spins) as a welcome bonus to new players. You won’t find such generosity from the goblin himself, but don’t you worry: his vision is bad these days – he needs glasses – and has lost a tooth or two. So go ahead and take a shot at one of our favourite online casino games for a shot at some bounty!

Golden Opportunity with Goblin’s Cave at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

Goblin’s Cave is another one of those traditional 3-reel online slots with eye-catching graphics that players just love to play. When the goblin turns the crank the symbols are revealed inside a small hut on top of which is a lizard observing what’s going on below. Various precious objects turn up on the bottom reel and you have the option of holding one, two, three or none at all – and then spin again and see what the paylines bring forth for you. A red gem acts as the wild symbol.

Goblin’s Cave is a straightforward and classic slot that will have you going all out to search out and grab the goblin’s treasure. So have a go at this and, if you like, any of the other treasure-hunting classics we have for you!