Play American Roulette at Slots Heaven

If you’ve ever wanted that exciting authentic Las Vegas Casino experience, then one of the first games that will have crossed your mind is Roulette. It’s no surprise that it is a fixture in all of the very top casinos in the United States. The fun of roulette is in the playing: it is exciting and at the same time very easy to pick up. You just choose the bet and wait for the win! And when it is online it is even more fun, because you get different variations of roulette to choose from at the online casino.

One version that you can definitely try out when you are here at these free online slots is American Roulette. You get all the thrills and spills of a high stakes table at a fancy casino, and also a cool welcome bonus, all right at your home!

Spin the American Way with our $100 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus and Play American Roulette

Although Roulette goes hand in hand with the true-blue American casino experience, it actually originated in the casinos of France and crossed the Atlantic only in the early 19th Century. Now you cannot imagine a casino without a roulette table anywhere in the USA. There are two main versions of Roulette – American and French – with the difference being in the number of zeroes on the table. The American version has 2 zeroes while the French version has 1.

American Roulette is a little more difficult in terms of the odds of winning because of the presence of the additional zero, but it is that kind of game that you should definitely try out. The fun is always in beating a tough challenge, isn’t it? The gameplay is much simpler than poker, and the fact that all players have an equal chance makes it the perfect game for newcomers. We have done our bit to even the odds a bit for the newcomers by offering a helpful $100 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus to start things off for you. And the best thing about this bonus is that it is not limited to American Roulette alone; you can use it to play any of our online casino games.

Beat the Odds with American Roulette at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

American Roulette at Slots Heaven South Africa comes with high quality graphics and animations and realistic sound effects. The presence of the additional zero quirks things up a bit, as we said earlier: it changes the odds and results in a game that’s a little more challenging than the French version. Aside from this minor difference, the rules are similar.

Place your chips to make your bets and then spin the wheel. The bets are the same as you see in other roulette versions like American Premium Roulette: single number, groups, colours, odds or evens. So if you are looking for the pure American Roulette experience choose this exciting game from our online roulette collection.