Play Silent Samurai slots at Slots Heaven

Take a trip back in time to the Land of the Rising Sun with the thrilling Silent Samurai online slot. In this game you can become a a samurai warrior, ready to fight for justice and a strict code of honour against sneaky and evil ninja clans. The Samurai were highly trained warriors famous for their loyalty to the Shogun and for Bushido, the warrior code. In this game you will learn the ways of the warrior and become a master of the shuriken. You will also see first-hand legendary dragons and meet beautiful geisha girls. At Slots Heaven South Africa get ready for an epic travel back in time as you embark on a real adventure in the Edo era of feudal Japan as you play the superb Silent Samurai slot.

Show Your Fighting Prowess with the Silent Samurai Online Slot

To recap briefly, the Samurai were the knights of feudal Japan. They were a warrior elite, trained to a strict moral code to serve their lord and remain loyal to their clan above all else! The samurai has been immortalised in books, comics and in countless breathtaking action movies.

Their mortal enemies were the Ninja, who used stealth and cunning against the heavily armoured warriors. Their battles with the Ninja have become legendary and have captured the imaginations of people the world over from times immemorial. When you play the Silent Samurai online slot, you train to be a samurai and fight the Ninja. That sort of training does not come cheap; that is why we are offering new players a cool $100 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus that they can use to play this amazing slot or any of our other thrilling online casino games.

Unsheathe your Blade with Silent Samurai at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

Silent Samurai is a thrilling Japanese themed slot machine with 5 reels and 9 paylines. This cool slot comes with loads of symbols and some amazing bonuses and other player-friendly features. There are wild symbols and scatter symbols as well as bonus games, multipliers, and free spins. Once you activate the bonus round, you get a chance to attack 3 ninjas. If you can do this successfully you get jackpot multipliers and up to a whopping 27 free spins!

Silent Samurai is an exotic, edgy addition to our online slots library that you must try out. The high quality graphics and animations, backed by matching sound effects transport you back to an era that has attached to it an aura of mystique and legend. That is not all; the game play also gives you a chance at some really significant wins.