Log in. Spin. Win. The Clue’s in the Name: Slots Heaven South Africa

If it’s online slots you want, you’ve come to the right place. At Slots Heaven South Africa, we’ve got online casino games to suit all tastes and budgets. From penny play, old school, fruit machines and one-armed bandits, to superhero branded slots and 243 pay line five reel games with cut scenes, dynamic animations, and a selection of bonus modes. If you are not sure what game to try, the good news is that you can use your welcome bonus to enjoy any or all of these fantastic games. Take a few of them for a spin and find your favourites.



Open an account today and deposit $100 and we will boost it by 100 per cent, adding an extra $100 to your balance. That’s a deposit and welcome bonus worth a total of $200. The maximum bonus is $100: that’s a lot of extra spin to play on the slots at Slots Heaven South Africa. Once you have credited your account and taken advantage of our excusive special offer, you can join the fun and start playing the online slots for real. Every time you spin the reels, you meet the wagering requirements and start to unlock your bonus.

The slots come in a variety of different categories. There are the classic slots like Crazy 7, 8 Ball Slots, and Reel Classic. These games hark back to the early days of the fruit machine and recreate mechanical slots from the past. There are normally just three reels, one payline, and a handful of symbols. The route to a jackpot is by betting the maximum with each spin. Next up are the multiple pay line slots with anything between five and 243 different ways to win. Betting additional lines costs more but improves your chance of hitting a winner.

There are also multi-spin games where you can play several slots on screen at the same time. Perhaps, the most seductive online slots at Slots Heaven South Africa are the progressive games. These slots have a progressive jackpot that accumulates every time the game is played. The result: life-changing jackpots that are sometimes worth millions of dollars. They don’t hit very often but -when they do - lives change. As well as the monster jackpots, there are many other progressive pots to play for. You can use your welcome bonus to go for the big one. Give them a spin today.