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The Lost City of Atlantis has enchanted historians, archaeologists and romantics for centuries. However, so far there has been no proof as to whether or not the island ever existed, which has only added fuel to the many theories floating around. Many believe that this ancient civilisation is lying untouched deep beneath the waves and that untold treasures are sitting on the sea bed just waiting to be discovered.

The buildings of Atlantis were said to have been clad in a precious metal called Orichalcum – second only to gold in value – but all this became lost when this civilization of scientifically advanced and wealthy people fell out of favour with the gods. The result: the city was submerged beneath the Atlantic Ocean - or so the legend goes! If you fancy weaving your way through statues and temples dedicated to Poseidon, God of the Sea, dive into the deep at Slots Heaven South Africa for a treasure-hunting experience you will never forget.

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According to Plato, the lost city of Atlantis was bigger than Libya and Asia Minor. He claimed this advanced civilization created an empire that stretched as far as Egypt and parts of Europe. Apparently, the Atlanteans had been successful as a major sea power. But when they laid siege to ancient Athens, they incurred the wrath of the Greek gods. Legend has it that ‘portentous earthquakes and floods’ swallowed up the warriors and Atlantis itself was swallowed up by the sea too – all in a day.

We can’t promise such dramatic and apocalyptic scenes when you play Atlantis Queen but we do provide a beautiful underworld of mythical sea creatures, temples, gods and treasure. And to help you in your quest we also offer a fantastic $100 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus. You can use this bonus to get a glimpse of the ancient world of Atlantis, or you can use to to try out any of the wide range of other online casino games that we offer.

Be a King for a Day: Play Atlantis Queen at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino!

Atlantis Queen takes you on an underwater journey through the sunken ruins of this once great island. This dramatic 5-reel slot with 25 paylines comes with an impressive range of symbols, including Poseidon, shields, exotic fish and a treasure chest. The Queen is the wild symbol while the temple is the scatter symbols. The game also has a fascinating pearl bonus which activates a screen displaying oysters of bronze, silver or gold.

Atlantis Queen transports you to another world from another age. So if you are interested in being the king of this mystical world for a day, all you have to do is sign up with us and play this amazing online slots game. If you are lucky, you will find treasure beyond your wildest dreams.