Play Triple Profits Slots at Slots Heaven

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but banks still have branches…Puns aside, it is money that has kept the world turning for thousands of years and there’s been no change yet. All you need to feel like a real Mr. Moneybags is a few spins of Triple Profits, the banking-themed online slot, at Slots Heaven South Africa. If you thought making money was always serious business, this slot will definitely change your outlook. Triple Profits is fun to play; you will realize the fun of money making as you stack up green dollar bills. Who knows, perhaps there will even be a change in the weather as we make it rain! There’s a bullion ways to have fun with this popular slot, and it is all just a click away!

Fun you can Bank on with Our Free $100 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus on the Triple Profits Online Slot

At the heart of the Triple Profits online slots is the business of making cash, as the name suggests. But don’t worry; it does not have anything remotely to do with hard work. In fact we know that you won’t lose interest in playing or suffer any withdrawal symptoms as you enjoy the fast-paced entertaining gameplay on offer here.

And what better way to start a profit-making enterprise than some seed money? That is what we have for you, a cool $100 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus – interest free – that you can use to fund this venture or even to play any of our other online casino games. And you can do all of this right from your home, on your computer. So quit horsing around and click-start this amazing slot at Slots Heaven South Africa.

Make Money with Triple Profits at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

Just in case it wasn’t clear from all those bad jokes above, the Triple Profit online slot is about money. It is a classic 3-reel slot with 3 paylines that has wild symbols and also a bonus game. Unusually, it also has a staple feature that you see in video poker games – hold buttons that you can press to hold certain symbols on the screen and give yourself another chance at winning!

The cheeky cartoonish graphics include bags of money, calculators, stacks of dollar bills, weights, and calculators. The wild symbol in this game is a set of gleaming gold bars. As we mentioned earlier, there is an amazing bonus game as well. The bonus game allows you to select bags of cash to add to your jackpot! Like we said before, making money is a simple and fun process when you play the Triple Profits online slot. It is one of our favourite online slots because it definitely has all the ingredients to help you laugh all the way to the bank!