Play 10’s or Better Video Poker at Slots Heaven

Video poker is one of the most exciting games you will find in a casino. The heady mix of strategy and luck guarantees that there’s always a buzz around the video poker machines. It’s a perfect game for anyone who wants something a little less involved than a full game of poker, or something a little more than a classic game of slots. That is why you find video poker games on almost every online casino.

10’s or Better is one of our player’s favourites here at these slots. The exciting, fast gameplay means that you can play game after game without getting bored.

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Video poker takes the high speed gameplay of slots and blends it with the strategic play of poker, creating something that really is the best of both worlds. The history of video poker is closely linked to the history of the personal computer. Dedicated video poker machines were first seen in Vegas casinos around the time the computer got hooked to a TV set. The popularity of the game soared through the 1980s. The Internet came about in the 1990s and soon video poker games started appearing at online casinos. The advanced technology involved in the games made them the right fit for online casinos.

Video poker is easy to play, which makes these games a very good option for new players. At Slots Heaven South Africa you will find a range of exciting video poker games, one of which is 10s or Better, along with all the other online casino games. So if you are a new player, use our $100 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus for a fantastic experience with 10s or Better.

10’s or Better at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino: The Name Says it All!

In a standard video poker game you have to try to score a hand equal to or better than a pair of Jacks. In 10’s or Better it is slightly different, as the name suggests; you can also score with a pairs of 10s! What seems like a small change makes a huge difference in terms of scoring odds. This makes the game easier than some of the other video poker games.

10s or Better is simple and fun to play. The pace is quick too, which means you play fast and win fast. You place your first bet, spin those reels, check the paytable, and hold your best cards before spinning again! If you have a winning hand you will even have the chance to double up by betting all or half of your bet! It’s not hard to see why this is one of our most popular online video poker games.