Play Aces & Faces Video Poker at Slots Heaven

Video Poker is a hugely popular casino game because it is easy to learn and fun to play. One frequently played video poker game is Aces & Faces. Blending elements of poker and slots it makes you feel like a real ace as you play and rack up wins at a furious pace. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert at Hold’em or if you have never held a card before; you’ll get your grip on this game in no time. And before long you could be using strategy to get yourself some great hands. All you need to do is place your bet, select your cards and enjoy yourself.

And now you can play the amazing game of Aces & Faces right from the comfort of your living room: this online slots website brings the fantastic Aces & Faces experience directly to you. So get on your computer and start playing! Right here, right now.

Enjoy the Aces & Faces Experience with Our Superb $100 Welcome Bonus

Video poker has been incredibly popular since the golden era of arcade gaming in the early 1980s. The emergence of the online casino further heightened the popularity of this game. If the game was a success at land-based casinos because of its bright, colourful graphics and hybrid gameplay, at online casinos it became a massive and instant hit. It’s the perfect choice for people who like their online games to be not only fast paced and exciting, but also more interactive.

We are very happy to be able to offer Aces & Faces to all our players. And as a way of encouraging new players to try this game we are offering a superb $100 welcome bonus. And the best part of it is that this bonus is not limited to just this one game alone; you can use it on any of our online casino games. So take advantage of this great offer and try some really spine-tingling online gaming action with Aces & Faces!

Aces & Faces is a Really Big Deal at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

Aces & Faces is one of our best online video poker games. Even though it’s a touch more complicated than other variations of video poker, the gameplay is still very simple to understand and master.

First you place a bet and then you are dealt 5 cards with which you make your hand. As the name suggests, the cards to watch out for here are the picture cards and aces. As you use the cards you are dealt to make winning hands – four of a kind, three of a kind, or pairs – you will get paid. The paytable in the centre of the screen lets you know exactly what hand you should try to get and how much you will win for it. From then on, all you have to do is choose which reels to hold and spin again. See, it’s simple, fun, and rewarding!