Play Deuces Wild 4 Line Video Poker at Slots Heaven

If you’re looking for a bit of four-play then there is no better game than Deuces Wild 4 Lines! It definitely helps to be quick on the draw in this lawless town... Set against a backdrop of a gun and a sheriff’s badge from the Wild West this video poker game will have you shooting for the stars. And for good reason: there is a jackpot of 4000 coins available to the lucky fella that lands it.

Deuces Wild 4 Lines runs along the same lines as Deuces Wild. However, as the name suggests there are four chances of winnings instead of the conventional one. The aim of the game is to get the best possible winning combination from five cards. The highlight of the game is that hat twos act as wild cards and can substitute any of the other cards. So if you have a wild card in your hand the chances of putting together a winning hand are that much higher. You could actually shoot your way to the top of that pay table!

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How to Play Deuces Wild 4 Lines at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

At the beginning of the game you are dealt 5 cards and you need to choose which of these you want to hold and which you wish to drop. You can hold one, two or all of them; the choice is yours. Every card you pick will be held in all the 4 lines.

Because the twos are wild the game automatically holds the best hand in the interest of the player. You can change your hand if you want to, though. So if you have a winning combination from the outset you are going to be paid four times for every line! You can check your winnings or the best chance of a combination easily because the pay table is right in the centre of the screen. The lowest payout starts at three of a kind at 1:1 and the best hand is a royal flush, which pays 250 coins on the first column. Bet max and get a natural royal flush and you stand to win a whopping 4000 coins!

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Double your Money with Deuces Wild 4 Lines

When playing Deuces Wild 4 Lines, if you end up with a winning combination you are offered a chance to double your payout. To do this you can use either all or half of your winnings. You are again dealt 5 cards, but only the first card is face-up. You now have to pick one of the remaining 4 face-down cards. If your pick has a higher value than the dealer’s face-up card your winnings get doubled. Once you win you have the choice of doubling again or just walking away you’re your winnings. All these elements make Deuces Wild 4 Lines one of the coolest online video poker games that you can try out.