Play Joker Poker Video poker at Slots Heaven

It’s party time at Joker Poker where the fun never stops! This colourful video poker game will bring a smile to your face, and what will certainly cheer you up even more is the prospect of winning the 5000-coin jackpot. Simple to play and visually eye-catching, Joker Poker has all the ingredients of a hit. The pay table is clearly displayed in the centre of the screen so you are never in doubt about the winning combinations and the available payouts. And to get you up and running there is also a $100 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus for new players at this slot casino. That’s not a joke, we are deadly serious!

Joker Poker is a Real Crackerjack, Especially with Our $100 (plus 200 free spins) Welcome Bonus

Similar to Deuces Wild, Joker Poker is different because it works from a 53-card deck. The extra card is the joker in the pack, which is where the name comes from. The joker is not an evil character from Batman but a benign chap whose sole purpose is to help you win money by functioning as a wild card. That means the joker substitutes for any other card which can help you create a winning combination. The software automatically converts the hand to the best number or suit in search of the best payoff - but you are free to ignore the advice!

Once you have held one or some of the cards it’s time to deal again when you will discover whether you have a winning combination. Payoffs start as low as 1:1 for kings or better and work their way up to a natural royal flush which must be done without the joker. Land 10, J, Q, K and Ace in the same suit and you can earn 750x your stake. All of this makes Joker Poker one of our popular online casino games. We are happy to offer all new players a $100 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus too for this or any of our other games.

Double Your Winnings with Joker Poker at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

Joker Poker also features a bonus game which is triggered when your hand contains a winning combination. You have the option of doubling your winnings in a side bet which involves five cards being dealt, only one of which is face up. You must pick one of the face-down cards and if it is of a higher value than the face-up card you have just doubled your winnings. You may also choose to play for double winnings using only half of your winnings and banking the rest. Of course, the option of collecting remains available. If you win you can play the bonus game again or simply collect. Don’t forget there is a 5000x jackpot available with Joker Poker in Bet Max mode only.

There’s so much more to discover about this cool online video poker game where the action is 24/7 that we suggest you try it out right away!