15-20 Line Slots

While classic reels are an enjoyable sort of gamble, they don’t have the same verve as some of the more involved options like the 15-20 Line Slots machines that we offer. This category contains a wide range of video online slots, so you can be sure that things are also going to be kept really interesting! Let’s talk a little bit about what 15-20 Line Slots machines are all about, and then we can show you a bit of our selection that you are sure to enjoy.

How To Play 15-20 Line Slots

All of our casino games come with a specific number of paylines that can be optionally turned on or off before each round. The benefit of having numerous routes available to you is that you are better able to create the winning combinations that will land you major cash flows. The downside is that you are going to have to shell out more money for these additional routes, but nothing in life is free, right (except our free play mode, of course!) So, for example, if you opt to have 15 open, you’ll need to place a wager to cover each of them. Now, just because you have a larger number of options doesn’t mean that a) you have to take them and b) you have to spend a boatload of money each time you play. Really, you are entitled to choose the number of routes you want to give yourself, and there is nothing that says you have to use them all. What’s more, even if you do open them all up, you don’t have to put down major bets each round. You might even be able to work it out that you are spending the same amount for a round with five paylines as you would for a round with 15. Try out this scenario: You have five paylines open, and you bet 10 coins on each for a total of 50 coins for the round. Another time, you open 10 routes, but this time you bet five coins on each for the same 50 coin total. So, you see, you aren’t spending any more money, but you are opening yourself up to a whole lot more possibilities! That’s called smart playing!

Fabulous 15-20 Line Slots Machines

Try out some of these awesome 15-20 Line Slots machines from Slots Heaven, right now!

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