Bermuda Triangle Slots

Get lost in the three reel, five payline classic online slots fun of Bermuda Triangle. Disappear into the traditional appeal of this three-reeler which keeps people coming back again and again.

Play Bermuda Triangle Slots Online

Bermuda Triangle is a straightforward, no frills favourite of players across the globe with a stormy ocean themed background. There are no mysteries to be solved here, because there are no added features. You do not need to search for bonus features or spin for wild cards either.

This slot machine is all about winning combinations. A total of 11 winning combinations, each with its own payout, are available, but remember, the payout is always based on how much you choose to bet and the number of paylines you choose to play.

Multiple Payouts In Bermuda Triangle Slots

Symbols, including a terrifying shark, a swimming dolphin, a curious octopus, a wooden ship, and an airplane, each have their own payouts. Don’t forget to look for the payout schedule to know what you are playing for. The three sea creatures; dolphin, shark, and octopus can combine to make a small payout or you could be fortunate and get three of a kind for an even larger payout. Each group of three has its own value and the sharks have the highest payout of all.

The Bermuda Triangle bonus is reached when you get three wooden ships in a row and the payout is determined by the payline on which the wooden ships land. When you choose to activate all seven paylines you naturally increase your chances of winning the biggest possible payouts because payline number seven offers the largest reward.

Something For Everyone When Playing Bermuda Triangle Slots

This is a great opportunity for a new player, someone just learning the ropes, since there are no complicates bonuses or wild cards and multipliers. Yet, longtime enthusiasts can also enjoy the straightforward spinning fun, while winning great jackpots. And, the wide range of betting options makes this game accessible to any bankroll.

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