Chinese Kitchen Slots

Chinese Kitchen is an online slots machine that is brimming over with takeout icons, strange starters and pots bubbling over on the stovetop. We’re not sure why the other character on the screen looks so worried, but lucky for you, winning these reels has nothing to do with tasting the questionable cuisine!

All About Chinese Kitchen Slots

Though many of them are zany and wild, all the versions that you find at Online Slots Heaven Casino Slots Heaven are done magnificently, and Chinese Kitchen is no exception. The scene starts out with an explosion of colours and sights. You’ll find the nine squares that make up the board and the bungling chefs experimenting at the stovetop. Once you’ve chosen your paylines and pressed spin (or had the spinning process started automatically for you if you’ve chosen to bet the highest wager possible), the images on the reels will flash in front of your eyes in comical black and white snapshots of the reel icons. After they’ve landed, everything turns back into colour, but it is certainly a nice effect that is worth mentioning! The system will automatically calculate your earnings and list the total on the screen for you to see. Not clear on the rules of Chinese Kitchen? Here is a quick run down:

How To Play Chinese Kitchen Slots

This version is a modest one, with only eight paylines to choose from. Click on one to activate that number or click on the All Lines button to just open them all in one click. Then, take a look at the pay chart to see which icons will be the most profitable ones for you to root for. Three starfish, for example, will only give you 10 coins, but three frogs will give you 10 times that amount. The crab is a unique symbol in that he will pay out more than any other symbol. While most characters have to appear three times in order for you to see any money, the crab is lucrative enough to payout with even just one appearance. One crab delivers two times the line bet, that’s some good odds! You’ll get even more for two or three, of course, but you can enjoy the benefits of this astrological sign even from the beginning! The turtle is your jackpot symbol, though. He will deliver 1,000 coins when you get three of them on the active payline, so hope for the hard-back!

There’s never a dull moment when you play Slots Heaven online casino games, so hurry in now!