Cops N’ Bandits Slots

There are lots of kids who wanted to be the constable when they were growing up, and why not? They get to run around chasing bad guys, carry a weapon and always look good in the papes. Even as adults, there are many of us who envy the glory and the rush that the police hold in their hands. Well, now is your shot to be the villain-napper when you play Cops N’ Bandits from Playtech! It’s a whimsical variety that will keep you entertained and might just line your pockets at the same time, so check it out.

Before you get started, you might want to meet some of the characters that you’ll see during these Slots Heaven online casino games. There are two villains including Tiny George, and the ginger-topped constable who is trying to keep the peace around here. Whichever side of the law you choose to be on for these rounds, you’ll find humourous company along the reels.

Cops N’ Bandits Slots Reel Icons

Now, to look at the actual Cops N’ Bandits play itself. There are 30 paylines to choose from, meaning you have plenty of options to get the wins you want. Bear in mind that the big jackpot only gets paid out when you have the maximum bet wagered. The animation is quite nice on these online slots. When the constable shows up, he comes out of his reel, shines a flashlight around, and scopes out the scene for any bad guys. The villains also have an entertaining animation; they’re generally sneaking about or admiring their newly acquired jewels. The wild symbol dances around wildly, and the royal suite kind of swells with excitement when they appear in a winning combo, as well. The lineup also includes a shadowy figure in a lineup, bags of cash and handcuffs.

Cops N’ Bandits Slots Bonus Features

Of course there are more impressive aspects, like the scatter symbol. Three or more shinning badges will really get you excited because these deliver freebies! You get to select a badge, and that will tell you how many spins you’ll be getting. The wild symbol will be in a locked position during these complimentary rounds also, so the winnings can really climb to great heights! The shady figure we mentioned earlier is also the bonus round trigger. Get him to appear on reels one, three and five, and you are in for a real thrill. You get to pick the criminal out of a lineup. Find the right one, and receive the cash! Come play Cops N’ Bandits now, only at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven!

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