Crazy 7 Slots

Sometimes it's nice to just let go and go wild. That's the great thing about Crazy 7; you can really have a blast with these online slots no strings attached. If single line options don’t put you off, then this is going to be one of your top picks. You’re invited, so come join the party at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven right now!

The Challenge Behind Crazy 7 Slots

Crazy 7 has just one payline, and that will speak to different kinds of gamblers differently. Only the really professional punter will know what that means in terms of a challenge. You see, the newbie will see this as a test of his gambling skills only because he is just starting out in the field. A medium range gambler will dismiss this type of gamble as below them, which is a shame because then they'd be missing out on a delightful category of betting. Only someone who has been around the block a few times and knows the ropes can really appreciate the twist. In fact, the single line actual creates a tidy challenge for the experts because of the limited potential for wins. If you think you are up for the task, then start playing Crazy 7 online casino games today!

How to Play Crazy 7 Slots

Here is the basic rundown for this exciting version. Since there is only one payline, you don't have to choose the number of lines to open. You just start betting to begin the round. You can choose whether you bet individual amounts or the high wager, though. Now spin the reels to see if you have the magic touch. Since all of the icons in the reels are the same minus the color, you should peruse the pay chart to get an idea of which combinations will pay better.

Crazy 7 Slots Payouts

Another thing to note about the betting aspect of Crazy 7 is that the payouts will grow increasingly higher as your wagers do but at a faster pace. Here’s what we mean. You can bet one, two or three coins during each round, and the more coins you wager, the higher the payout will be. So if, for example, you wager one coin, and you score three green digits, you’ll receive fifty coins. If you would have bet three coins, though, you would have gained one hundred and fifty coins! The red digits payout more than anything else.