Funky Fruits Slots

Looking for a juicy treat? Head over to to play and enjoy a game full of sweet and sensuous fruity snacks. This five reel, progressive jackpot, online slots game features tasty fruits and even tastier cash prizes! You will delight in fun animations, silly characters and great musical accompaniment while you cash in on the internet’s best winnings! Now is the time to cash in with the winning fruits of this fun and fanciful game. Take a bite!

Play Funky Fruits Slots

Get your recommended daily intake of fruit today? Join us at the market for a game of Funky Fruits and fill your plate! In this simple game, you begin by selecting from four possible bets and then pressing the spin button. There is also an option to use Auto Play mode and the game will continue until a pre-selected number of rounds or until you select the stop button. The reels will display combinations of six different fruit symbols including a pair of cherries, a cranky lemon, a happy orange, a silly pineapple, an angry plum, and an ecstatic watermelon. Collections of one fruit will be totaled and added to your prize total before being deleted to make room for additional winning combinations. The winnings will continue to add up as you reach closer and closer to the grand jackpot. Want to win 5,000 times your bet? 16 or more lemons in one turn will give you that! The Funky Fruits Progressive Jackpot is the greatest feature of this already-awesome game. Eight to 25 cherries in any winning combination are the key to winning the big jackpot. What you take home, though, is up to you! If you placed the maximum bet, you will cash in on 100% of the jackpot money! Bet big and win it all! Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven is your place for Funky Fruits slots.

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