Geisha Story Slots

The Geisha Story is one of romance, tradition and, of course, jackpots! If you enjoy a little bit of a tale behind your gambles, then this is a great online slots machine for you. Get into the background of the culture, and win some big bucks while you play alongside a beautiful and reserved Japanese cast and crew.

Geisha Story Slots Higlights

Geisha Story has a lovely setting, backed by white lotus blossoms and pink hues all around. The fifteen paylines and five reels are filled with symbols that compliment the theme as well. You can find oriental fans, traditional wooden shoes, brightly coloured parasols, pergolas against a setting sun and a tea set that could have only belonged to a family with a long standing tradition. The elder is the scatter symbol for these Slots Heaven online casino games, so find him frequently to get more payouts. The sprouting green tree is not only the bonus symbol, but it is also a wild card. Use this to fill in the gaps when creating winning sets of symbols.

Geisha Story Slots Bonus Round

The bonus round is as exciting as ever, especially with an added twist you aren’t used to. When you collect the tree symbol on the first and fifth reels, you’ll get to enter the bonus round. This is where you can choose your prizes; anywhere between four and twenty free spins and multipliers ranging from two to ten! The coolest part, though, is that during the free spins, if another bonus round combination appears, the system will choose one of the outcomes at random and reward you with that prize automatically. It’s a different flavour of bonus, and our players love it!

Geisha Story Slots Dollar Ball Feature

Don’t skip out on the Dollar Ball feature just because you don’t know about it. The Geisha Story has a Dollar Ball functionality that lets you win without doing much. You have to start by turning on the feature. This can be done by clicking on the button at the top right corner of the screen. Then a list of numbers from one to fifty will appear on the screen. Choose five of these numbers as your lucky digits. Once the reels start to move, you can see how lucky they are! Random numbers will be chosen by the machine to appear on the screen. These numbers will show up above your selection. If they match your numbers, you will win a cash prize. This is the kind of action that’s always happening at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven, so hurry in for your fill of fun!