Gladiator Jackpot Slots

Looking for gold, glory and a great plot? Then this might just be your new favourite gambling spot. The Gladiator jackpot is an exciting feature that you can win when playing this colossal sporting challenge. Even if you don’t win the big bonanza, there are so many other prizes available during this online slots session that it won’t matter anyway! Give it a test drive, and see if you aren’t hooked right away.

Play Gladiator Jackpot Slots Online

Gladiator Jackpot Slots Highlights

As with all the Slots Heaven online casino games, this version is made professionally with all the trappings involved to set the stage for this thrilling theme. The music is fast and urgently exciting, the reels are played out against the Coliseum, and all of the icons appear in front of prominent backdrops to make them stand out more. If you don’t know the movie, then the famous characters won’t be familiar to you (to get the full flavour of the theme, you really ought to download the flick!) Regardless of your recognition or lack there of, the icons will payout according to the chart provided. The beautiful heroine is one of the higher paying symbols, as is the emperor, while the faithful friends and various card symbols will pay out considerably less.

Winning The Gladiator Jackpot Slots

Get into the Gladiator jackpot round by positioning three wild symbols on the board in the second, third and fourth reel simultaneously. Good news, it doesn’t have to be in any specific order, but the symbols must appear on those three reels. In this bonus feature, you’ll get to choose from various helmets in precious metals. The higher the value of the helmets you select, the greater the takeaway. If you manage to collect nine of these golden helmets, then you win the big windfall, the Gladiator jackpot itself!

Gladiator Jackpot Slots Coliseum Bonus Round

Hit the Coliseum bonus round by scoring three scatter symbols on one spin. Choose from ranging columns to get your potpourri of prizes. You’ll receive free spins from the first row, multipliers from the second, scatter symbols for your extra rounds come in, on the third row and extra wild symbols will be rewarded on the fourth row. It’s like being given a free pass to run through a novelty shop. Fill up your wagon fast!

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