Gold Rally Slots

Gold Rally is a call back to the great rush back in the 1800’s, when men would venture out west and dig deep down in dark caverns all to try to find that beautiful shining nugget of success. Well, now you can achieve the same goal without all that travel, heavy lifting and getting your hands dirty, thanks to these amusing online slots from our casino! Play a round, and see if you can stop at just one!

Play Gold Rally Slots Online

Gold Rally Slots Highlights

Gold Rally has a basic design but a lot more going on under the surface than you would expect. There are eight paylines to choose from, and nine reels to populate. Your job is to line up the right images in order to collect your rewards. The more combinations you make, the higher your haul will be at the end of the session. Gold Rally works somewhat differently than other Slots Heaven online casino games. Here is a break down of the pay table to make it easier for you to read it:

Gold Rally Slots Pay Chart

  • The smaller paying symbols include the horseshoe, sticks of dynamite, bags of loot and wagons. These will all payout something, but not as much as the higher paying symbols. Get three of these in a row, and you’ll receive the payout. To calculate your payout manually, just multiply your wager (per line not total wager) by the number that sits next to that icon on the chart. The total will be your earnings for that win. If you have multiple combinations in a round, you can do the same thing for each image and then add the two totals for a grand total!
  • Higher paying icons include hand pistols, lanterns, pick axes and the logos. The horseshoes are actually misleading because they are more valuable than the pay chart would have you believe. In fact, they are the only symbols that will pay out for a single or double appearance. All other symbols need three to get results. The horseshoes actually pay handsomely for three in a row.
  • The scales also don’t tell all right away. These icons are the scatter symbol, and if you get five or more, you’ll be looking at a hefty sum.

Gold Rally is a progressive jackpot edition, and this one has one of the highest jackpots around. The sums are usually ranging somewhere in the hundreds of thousands, so be sure to check out this feature from Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven fast!