Haunted House Slots

Do not be afraid to step into this Haunted House. There is nothing spooky here, or is there? You need to be prepared for the thrills and adrenaline rush which comes with the excitement of winning a jackpot from the clutches of the vampire.

Play Haunted House Slots Online

Three reels and five paylines with a dark and ominous theme create online slots fun and excitement for new players and returning fans, alike. If you love Halloween or the old fashioned Vampire movies you will have a blast enjoying this classic casino thrill.

Find All The Winning Combinations In Haunted House Slots

A possible 12 winning combinations can be creepily created when you enjoy the three reels and five paylines of Haunted House. But, in order to win, you first need to select your bet or coin amount and then decide if you want the Max Bet, which will give you the maximum wager available based on your selected coin value, or if you would prefer you can Bet One. Make sure you open all the paylines you wish to play since you cannot win on paylines which have not been opened.

Don’t let the eerie sounds distract you as you spin the reels in search of the symbols. Glowing candles and creepy coffins are just a couple of the inspired symbols lurking in this Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven slot machine.

Look For The Garlic In Haunted House Slots

Haunted House is straightforward, classic casino fun. With no added wild bonuses or scatter symbols, what you see is what you get, and players love it! There is one special feature, however; when a garlic symbol lands at the right place on the wheel, you get an extra special payout. But, you will have to spin the wheels to find out.

After you are good and scared, feel free to try your luck at any of the other fabulous Slots Heaven online casino games like the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, the funny Funky Monkey or the enchanting Fountain of Youth. Each and every one has its very own exciting theme, fun music, creative graphics and great cash jackpots.

The only thing not frightening about playing the creepy Haunted House is the amazing welcome bonus you receive when you open your account. In just a few simple steps you can create your personal, private account for free and deposit into your bankroll. As soon as soon as you have completed the process you will receive your welcome bonus and be ready to let the winning begin. At the end of the day, it really does pay to play.