Jungle Boogie Slots

If you like to get down and funky with a couple of monkeys, then Jungle Boogie is the whimsical online slots machine made just for you! You’ll love the lively music and all the tropical colours that greet you when you load up this version, so head straight for our online casino, and see what it’s all about now!

Jungle Boogie Slots Pay Chart

Jungle Boogie is a simple option compared to some of the more complicated Slots Heaven online casino games, which means you can take it easy and just enjoy the spinning reels for a bit. There aren’t any complicated rules or regulations that you need to learn, and the pay chart is as simple as ever to read. In case you were having trouble, though, we’ll walk you through it.

The base line symbol is the fish, and he is unique because you can get a payout for just one of these icons. Two fish will give you more, and the value of the icons keeps increasing as you graduate from the leopard, to the monkey to the parrot to the baboon and finally, the majestic tiger. As you can see from the chart, there are three columns with various values on them. Each column represents a bet value, and the numbers tell you how much you will win if you strike that combination. So if you get the baboons, for example, while betting one coin, you’ll receive five hundred. On the other hand, if you bet three coins, you’ll win fifteen hundred!

Betting on Jungle Boogie Slots

We try to make it as easy as possible to enjoy our gambling challenges, and that is why we provide a seamless system and as much support as possible. On the playing screen, you’ll see a few buttons to help you out with the betting stage. You can press the Bet One button to increase your wager by just one unit. The Bet Max button, on the other hand, puts in the highest wager possible, giving your clicking finger a little break! Of course, the Spin button starts the action once you have decided on and placed your bet.

Jungle Boogie is a single line version, but we have more exciting options at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven too. If you want a little more action and variety, then check out some of our multiline versions. These have additional features, bonus rounds and thrilling graphics that make playing every round an exhilarating experience. Come in and witness it for yourself!