Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World Slots

Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World starts off with one of the most dramatic introductory videos you’ll ever see on a gambling site, and that is just a preview of what you are going to get when you play these riveting online slots! Take a look.

Play Kong The Eight Wonder of the World Slots Online

Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World Slots Images

You’ll get a real taste of the movie with all the cast members that show up along the reels. Find Carl Denham, Jack Driscoll, Ann Darrow and the captain when you spin the reels. The Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and tens all have a jungle vibe to them as well. But this is nothing compared to the exhilarating specialty cards you are about to experience. The giant monkey is the true to life wild card, and he substitutes for other symbols to make successful matches. Three of these symbols or higher gets you a Wild Jungle respin feature (in Jungle Mode). The respin feature lets you take three free spins for no extra cost, and, what’s more, the wilds are frozen in place for the entire feature. So you are talking about making some major winning combinations for this small feature!

Three gorilla figures in the Big City mode gives you a respin feature also, but the feature is somewhat changed. In this edition, the first and fifth reels are transformed into one giant wild symbol for the first spin. In the second spin, the wilds shift over to the second and the fourth reels. Finally, the first, third and fifth reels are wilds during the third spin!

Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World Slots Bonus Rounds

Want a bonus round? Then line up three or more of the Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World logos. This scatter symbol will activate the Skull Island bonus round or the City Tower bonus round depending on which mode you are in. What does that mean? Well, if you have to ask, then you don’t know about the neatest feature of them all. Most Slots Heaven online casino games are played out on one great screen, but Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World has two thrilling options; Big City mode and the Jungle mode. Both bonus rounds are exciting, so you can have fun playing either one. The Skull Island bonus feature gives you a map of Skull Island and tasks you with finding matching creatures by clicking on spaces on the map. Find the hulking gorilla, and you’ll win an even greater prize!

Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World is a crazy ride, so come face the wild side of gambling at Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven today!