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Perfect Blackjack at these top slots offers you the chance to enjoy all the thrills and spills of a traditional game, but with a few added extras that enhance your time at the tables – and give you more ways to win. Available as an online game only, Perfect Blackjack follows standard game rules, but also offers you an extra side bet that is a wager on pairs – this side bet is separate from the main game and you can win even if you go bust or lose your hand – and what’s more, you can even bet on the dealer’s hand. Join us today and play online casino games for real money, and you can also claim a $100 (plus 200 free spins) Welcome Bonus!

The Perfect Pairs side bet is an additional bet that can win a payout regardless of your main game outcome. Along with your regular online Blackjack wager, you can place a bet that your own initial two-card deal, or the dealer's first two cards, will form a pair. You can bet that either hand will achieve a ‘Perfect Pair’ (same suit pair), a Coloured pair (same colour, but different suit) or a red/black pair (different colours and suits). This optional Perfect Blackjack side bet can only be made if you have placed a bet on the standard game; it can be used as a standalone bet.

Game Information

When you play Perfect Blackjack, you benefit from being able to Double – however, if you double when the dealer's initial card is an Ace, and the dealer goes on to make Blackjack, you will lose both your original wager and your Double bet. However, if the dealer gets Blackjack with an initial card showing a value of 10, you will only lose your original wager and will retains your Double Down bet. Other rules to note include that after splitting, an Ace and a Ten hand are recognised as a hand of 21, but not Blackjack. In the event that you draw 10 cards without busting – known as a 10 Card Charlie - your hand always wins, except if the dealer gets Blackjack. You can claim a 10 Card Charlie on Split hands.

Winnings, Payouts & Bonuses

All winnings are highlighted onscreen, and our software will then pay out any money due to you automatically. Payouts for your standard Perfect Blackjack bets match those of a regular game, and can be found on the paytable on your screen. The payouts for your perfect pairs bet are as follows: Perfect Pair pays 25:1, Coloured Pair pays 12:1, and Red/Black Pair pays out at 6:1 – this is in addition to any winnings in the main game, and you can receive your Perfect Pairs payout even if your main bet lost.