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The game of Roulette has amazed and entertained casino players for generations. The casino floor just wouldn’t look the same without it and there is something so appealing about watching that wheel spin and hearing that ball bounce. It produces a palpable sense of excitement, and that’s why the game of Roulette has made such a smooth transition from classy up-scale brick-and-mortar casinos to online gambling destinations like Slots Heaven NZ.

We have some of the very best Online Roulette variants for you to enjoy here at Slots Heaven NZ. Whether you’re playing a slick and streamlined game against the AI or watching as the wheel is spun by a real croupier, we have games to suit all tastes and stakes.

Top 10 Roulette Games in New Zealand

Game NameDescription
Penny RouletteA low stakes variant of Roulette where you can play for just a few cents per bet.
Premium European RouletteA stylish “premium” game that follows European Roulette visuals and bets.
Classic RouletteA back to basics form of Roulette fine-tuned for mobile.
Age of the Gods RouletteThe famous Age of the Gods progressive jackpot pokie is given a new lease of life on the Roulette wheel.
Frankie Dettori’s RouletteWorld-famous jockey Frankie Dettori has had his own pokie series for years, now he’s brought his charisma to the Roulette wheel.
101 RouletteA massive Roulette wheel with 101 betting options!
1000 Diamond Bet RouletteA cross between European and American Roulette, as well as a bet that offers a return of 100x.
Roulette DeluxeA classy super-deluxe form of European Roulette.
Premium Pro RouletteEuropean Roulette with upgraded visuals and a clean aesthetic.

Rules: How to Play Roulette

Roulette, like all great games, is very easy to pick-up and play, but there are some hidden rules and features that make it fun to learn and difficult to master. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most basic rules, as well as some more complicated options, to help you understand this game better.

  • The Process: The game of Roulette begins with the players. They must first choose which bets to place and they do this by moving their chips onto the number squares. Once all bets have been placed (in Live Dealer Roulette, there is a timer; in AI games, the player clicks “Spin” when ready) the wheel is spun and the ball is dropped. After a while, the wheel will slow down, the ball will stop bouncing, and it will come to rest inside one of the number squares. The bets will then be settled and a new game will begin.
  • The Betting Options: Placing your bets is very simple. If you want to bet that the ball will land on the number 14, just place your chips in the corresponding number square on the betting board. If you want to bet that the result will be Black, choose the Black bet. These are the easiest bets to place and, as a result, they are also the most common, but there are a few other options as well.
  • Other Bets: While the majority of players stick with the basic bets outlined above, there are some more complicated alternatives. To bet that the ball will land on one or two numbers, place your chips on the vertical line between your chosen numbers. To bet that it will be one of four numbers, place your chips on the centre point that connects a “square” of four numbers. Obviously, these bets can only be placed if your chosen numbers are near to each other on the betting board.
  • The Rules of Etiquette: When you’re playing games of virtual Roulette, you don’t need to worry about etiquette. No one can see you behind your computer or device and there is no chat box. Even if there was, there’s no one to communicate with! It’s a different story with Live Casino Roulette, however. In such cases, you should only use the chat box for friendly conversation. Don’t flirt with the dealer, don’t be aggressive toward other players, and while it’s okay to ask for advice regarding rules, you shouldn’t ask for betting recommendations.

Odds and Payouts

The house edge in Roulette ranges from a high of 5.26% (for American Roulette) to a low of 2.70% (for French Roulette). Although rare, triple zero games also exist and, in these games, the house edge increases even further, hitting a high of 7.69%.

The odds of landing on a single number space are between 36 to 1 and 37 to 1, depending on the variant you’re playing, while the odds for a bet on Black/Red and Odd/Even are 1:1. There is no “ideal” bet in a game of Online Roulette, but generally, players will stake low when betting on single numbers and other long-shots and will increase their stakes when wagering on outside bets.

The 3 Most Important Tips Before You Spin the Roulette Wheel

Before you prepare for a Roulette session, make sure you follow these simple tips to ensure you have the smoothest and most enjoyable experience possible:

  1. Stick with Reputable Online Casinos

    The online gambling market is highly regulated and controlled here in New Zealand. At Slots Heaven NZ, we work closely with regulators, authorities, and gambling organizations to create the safest and fairest gambling experience possible. However, the same can’t be said for all casinos in this industry, and the onus is on you, the player, to do your research and make sure you’re dealing with a reputable site.

    Check for licenses, look for regulatory information, and make sure the site is fully secured and works with trusted developers and payment providers.

    Alternatively, just stick with Slots Heaven NZ, as we tick all of these boxes and more!

  2. Choose the Right Bonus

    Some bonuses are geared toward pokie players, others are better suited to players who enjoy virtual table games and Live Casino games. There are a lot of these to choose from and they all offer something a little different.

    Make sure you check your chosen casino’s promotion page before going any further. Look for bonuses that suit your budget, your style of play, and your chosen games.

  3. Set Your Budget

    Your budget is one of the most important considerations. You should never bet more than you can afford. Roulette is supposed to be fun, and if you’re worried about losing your money and find yourself getting frustrated with every bet, it’s no longer fun!

    Dial it back, choose a responsible deposit amount, and then set your stake. Your chosen deposit should last you for a full gaming session. If you deposit $100, don’t start wagering $50 per spin when you’re preparing of a full hour of play.

    If you need help setting your budget or believe you may have an issue, consult our Responsible Gaming section.

Top 3 Strategies and Betting Systems

Roulette is a game of chance, which means that all the strategies and tips in the world can’t help you if Lady Luck is not on your side. However, there are some popular strategies that players have been using for generations and these actually work when used properly.

Just remember, success is never a guarantee and you should always gamble responsibly!


The Martingale strategy is one of the oldest Roulette strategies and it’s also one of the most effective and easiest to follow.

To use this method, simply establish a foundation stake, pick a 50/50 bet, and then increase or decrease based on the outcome.

For example, if your usual bet is $10, your starting bet could be $5 or $1—whatever you are most comfortable with. If your bet loses, double your stake; if it loses again, double it again. Once you win, return to your first stake and start again.

At any other time, if you were betting on Black and the ball landed on Red for the first 5 times and Black for the next 2, you would lose money. With this strategy, you win:

  • $1 = Loss (-$1 total)
  • $2 = Loss (-$3 total)
  • $4 = Loss (-$7 total)
  • $8 = Loss (-$15 total)
  • $16 = Loss (-$31 total)
  • $32 = Win (+$1 total)
  • $1 = Win (+$2 total)


The Paroli system is somewhat more controlled than the Martingale system but it works in a similar way.

Rather than doubling your stake following a loss, you double it after a win. This continues for just three successive wins, at which point you return to your base stake. If you lose at any point during or before these wins, you should also return to your base stake.

For example:

  • $1 = Win (+ $1 total)
  • $2 = Win (+ $3 total)
  • $4 = Win (+ $7 total)
  • $1 = Win (+ $8 total)
  • $2 = Lose (+ $6 total)
  • $1 = Lose (+ $5 total)
  • $1 = Lose (+ $4 total)
  • $1 = Win (+ $5 total)


The D’Alembert system sits somewhere in the middle of the two strategies outlined above. It works in a similar way to the Martingale but like the Paroli, it is less risky.

Every time you lose, you increase your bet by a single unit; when you win, you subtract by a single unit. If you’re betting $10, you would increase to $20, and then $30.

D’Alembert doesn’t require you to risk your entire bankroll at any point and is less affected by low Roulette table limits.

Variety of Roulette Games to Play

You can explore a multitude of Roulette games here at Slots Heaven NZ. They’re all based on the same wheel-and-board setup and if you know how to play one, you know how to play them all, but there are some slight tweaks and variances that create endless hours of fun. These include:

  • American Roulette: A classic Vegas-style Roulette variant. There is an extra space on the wheel, known as the Double-Zero or 00, and this increases the house edge to 5.26%. The payouts and the betting options are the same as other Roulette variants and this minor addition is the only truly noticeable change.
  • European Roulette: The game of European Roulette is somewhat similar to American Roulette, only it doesn’t contain the 00 space. This improves the odds somewhat.
  • French Roulette: The original and, in the eyes of many, the best. French Roulette has a single 0 space and it utilises a betting board layout that is slightly different from the one used in American and European Roulette.
  • Multiplayer Tables: Multi-Table and Multi-Wheel Roulette variants simply bring several games together. You can bet on two wheels at once, increasing the number of bets that you place during a single session.
  • Live Dealer Roulette: Play against a real dealer in a real casino setting. Live Casino Roulette provides an experience similar to what you’ll get in a real casino, but you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or your device.

Bonuses and Promotions

Many Slots Heaven NZ bonuses can be used to play games of Roulette, as well as countless other top casino games. We also have bonuses aimed at fans of pokies and Live Dealer creations. It’s a little bit of everything, so make sure you drop by our Promotions page and see which offers are available right now.

Mobile Experience

You can’t beat the joy and the simplicity of playing Roulette on your mobile device. Just tap your chosen bet, spin the wheel, and watch the result unfold. That’s all there is to it, and with Slots Heaven NZ, you can take your favourite game of Roulette with you wherever you go!

The casino supports most mobile platforms and browsers. So, whether you’re playing on tablet or smartphone; Android or iOS, you can enjoy the best games of Online Roulette on the go.


Roulette is a very simple game, but if you’re new, you may encounter issues from time to time. In such cases, you can look to the following options to get the help you need:

  • In-Game Help: Look for the small icon in the top left corner of the game-screen. Clicking this icon will pop-up the game’s info panel, providing information concerning rules, payouts, and everything else you need to know.
  • Customer Support: If the game can’t provide you with the info you need, our dedicated Customer Support team almost certainly can. Contact them via phone, email, or Live Chat at any time of the day.


How many types of Roulette are there?

Online Roulette is available in many forms. Developers have had a lot of fun adapting and tweaking this game, and there are games incorporating all kinds of weird and wonderful features.

How to win at Roulette?

There is no guaranteed way to consistently beat the game of Roulette. However, using one of the strategies mentioned above can increase your chances of getting a return.

What is the safest bet in Roulette?

The Black/Red and Odd/Even bets are the ones that have the highest probability of success, but the payouts match this probability and when the odds increase, the payout increases as well.

What is the Fibonacci system?

The Fibonacci system is based on the sequence of the same name. Players bet according to the numbers in this sequence. Unlike the Roulette strategies we have already discussed, there is no rational reason behind this system.

What is the difference between the American wheel and the European/French wheel?

The only difference is the number of Green spaces. European and French games have a single 0 space while games of American Roulette have 2.

Should the odds be the same on an RNG game?

If you stick with reputable and regulated online casinos like Slots Heaven NZ, you can guarantee that all games are regulated and that all spins are backed by advanced random number generators. This ensures that every bet is resolved fairly.


If Roulette is your game, then Slots Heaven NZ is the casino for you! We have a variety of great Roulette titles for you to play, and if you ever tire of watching the number wheel spin, you can transition to Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, pokies, and more. There’s a little bit of everything. Check with our bonus page, see what’s available right now, sign up, and remember to always gamble responsibly!