Panther Moon Slots

When the sun goes down in the jungle, and the stars are shining brightly, the whole landscape takes on a different tone. While the sweltering heat of the sun conjures images of brightly coloured, big-beaked birds, coconut tossing monkeys and tropical fruit drinks, the night scene paints an entirely different picture. The tones are cooler, the atmosphere is more subdued, and the overall impression is one of sleek and smooth mystery. It is in this setting that our Panther Moon reels are taking place, and it is the perfect place for a punter like you to enjoy some cool payouts. Turn down the lights, and step inside the Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven arena!

Play Panther Moon Slots Online

Panther Moon Slots Icons

Panther Moon has set the tone fabulously for some cool online slots action. The screen is painted in purple and magenta streaks, and there are silver elements featured around the reels. The setting is perfect for a serene evening of gambling. All of the symbols give off the nightlife feeling as well. There are owls, cubs, and monarch butterflies with their colourful wings spread wide. These and the botanical garden-like exotic flowers that appear regularly are set on a black background to signify the AM time slot as well.

Panther Moon Slots Highlights

Along with all the stunning symbols that we’ve mentioned, Panther Moon has a breathtaking scatter symbol. It is a picturesque night sky reflected in a pool of purple-tinted water, and magnificent piece of artwork in and of itself. Even more attractive than the artistic perspective, though, the scatter symbol bequeaths fifteen free rounds when you find three or more of them on the reels. You will also be able to triple your earnings from these rounds, thanks to the helpful multiplier that is tagging along for the ride. The more scatter symbols you get in a round, the higher the multiplier will be for the overall score. Best of all, scatter symbols needn’t be lined up in any specific row or order in order to count as a win. Just get them to show up on the screen, and the victory is yours!

The yellow-eyed black wild cat is also the wild card for these rounds. You can use this symbol to bolster your winning streak, and an even bigger bonus is that all the wins you create using this icon are doubled! Clear your calendar, because once you start playing our Slots Heaven online casino games, you won’t have time for anything else (and you won’t want to either!)