Progressive Slots

Are you looking for a little bit more fun and excitement when it comes to playing slot machines? Are you looking for an opportunity to win even more money to bulk up your bankroll? Of course you are! That is why you are here at our online casino! And, we have just the perfect option for you to try out – Progressive Slots machines!

What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive Slots are just like your regular slot games with one minor addition – an amazingly huge progressive jackpot prize! When you play these online slots, a small percentage of every bet you make goes to the jackpot. And, with hundreds and hundreds of people playing each and every day, that jackpot can really grow. Be sure to read the paytable to find out how the jackpot can be won. Usually it can be triggered by a combination of symbols or it is completely random. Once the jackpot is won, it goes back to its starting amount, waiting to be won again! Is it your turn to win this jackpot?

There is something that you need to keep in mind when it comes to Progressive Slots – they all require that you use the Max Bet option when placing your wager. If you don’t place the Max Bet and you get the necessary symbol combination, you will receive a big cash prize but you won’t receive the jackpot prize! Also, in some games, the jackpot is randomly triggered and it won’t even happen if you don’t have the Max Bet.

For the Max Bet requirement and wanting to play for a long time to see if you can get the jackpot, it is extremely important that you have a solid bankroll management strategy! The last thing you want is to go 10 spins and then be out of cash. And, because these slots are multi line slots, where you need to have all paylines active in order to maximize your winning potential, it is extremely important to determine quickly the maximum you are willing to bet per spin and how long that will last.

Play Progressive Slots At Slots Heaven

At Slots Heaven, we pride ourselves on having a huge selection of Progressive Slots games, including Queen of the Pyramids, Beach Life, Mr. Cashback, and Everybody’s Jackpot. Because of the high amount of money in this jackpot, only players with a real money account are allowed to enjoy these special slots with the chance at winning the jackpot. But, the good news is when you sign up for a real money account today at our online casino, you can receive an amazing welcome bonus that will make playing Slots Heaven games so much more exciting! Come and play today; who knows, you may be our next big jackpot winner!