Reel Classic 5 Slots

Reel Classic 5 is just one of a number of entertaining gambling challenges that we host. This fun series of basic level online slots brings you back to the times of the original One Armed Bandits and all the fun that went with them. If you are into a little lighthearted betting that will take you back a few decades, then load up this baby, and let’s get spinning!

Reel Classic 5 Slots Pay Chart

Reel Classic 5 is, ironically or not, themed as a casino, and all the icons support this theme. Here is a quick breakdown of the payment chart from Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven so you can quickly scan the table to know which images will pay what.

  • Okay, so the deck of cards is considered the lowball symbol for this version. This will start out paying you five times your wager for three of the symbols. Four of these will give you ten times your wager and five deliver a tremendous forty times. And that’s the lowball, remember!
  • Things quickly escalate with these images, graduating to a pair of red dice. three of these gives you ten times your wager; four delivers twenty times and five hands out a whopping one hundred times your bet!
  • Next up is the roulette wheel. Everyone loves a little roulette now and again, but this wheel is a gamble of a different colour. During these rounds, the roulette wheel will pay out ten times for three of them, fifty times for four and, get ready, two hundred times for the five in a rower! It’s a staggering concept until you consider that there are still two more images to go!
  • Stacks of your favourite betting tools represent the next level of value in the Reel Classic 5. Twenty-five times your wager will be earned for three of these symbols, one hundred times for four and an unbelievable four hundred times for the five symbols in one.
  • Last, but in no way, shape or form the least, bars of brilliant gold are your major jackpot symbol. Get fifty times your bet for just three of these symbols, two hundred for four and, wait for it, two thousand knee-jerking, heart-racing, blood-rushing times your bet for five. We know what you’ll be dreaming of tonight!

Reel Classic 5 Slots & Other Online Games

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