Play Superman II online slot at Slots Heaven UK

If you miss the good old days when Superman wasn’t so dark and broody, then you’ll love the nostalgic feel of Superman II. From Superman’s curly hair to the classic theme music, playing this online slot game at Slots Heaven UK will transform you back to a simpler time. The 5 reel 25 pay line casino game is based on the 1980 Superman movie and can be played for fun or real money.

The online casino game is filled with bonuses, free spins and multipliers that will help increase your odds of winning the jackpot. No Superman game would be complete without the Daily Planet, Krypton and General Zod and this game is no exception. In addition to the regular bonus rounds, Superman II is a part of the DC Super Heroes Progressive Jackpot.

Superman II Special Bonus Features at Slots Heaven UK

In order to keep the game close to the movie storyline, the game is complete with actual footage from the classic superman movie. The game features 11 symbols including Clark Kent, Lois Lane, General Zod, Clark Kent’s glasses, a stick of Kryptonite and the Daily Planet’s logo. Of course, Superman’s famous S is the wild symbol.

There are 5 great bonus rounds that will keep you spinning those the reels. The Superman Wild Feature can be randomly triggered at any time. The Man of Steel himself comes flying across the board and will turn random symbols into a wild symbol.

When you trigger the Daily Planet Headline Bonus you’ll be able to randomly select 1 of the 5 bonus rounds: Phantom Zone, Skyline Fight, X-Ray vision, Lois and Clark bonus and the Battle for Metropolis.

In the Battle for Metropolis, Superman takes on villains from his home planet of Krypton, and he can unlock different shields that will give you extra bonus prizes.

The Phantom Zone is where you can win unlimited free games, with each spin the Phantom Zone takes over a 2x2 reel on the game board and acts as a wild.

During the Skyline Fight round you begin with 10 free games and a multiplier, but beware, while Superman is flying around the board increasing the multipliers, the evil General Zod is attempting to lower the multiplier back to 1x.

With the X-Ray feature, you can benefit from one of Superman’s coolest powers, X-ray vision to see what surprises are hidden behind the symbols on the reels.

When Lois and Clark are finally together in their own bonus round you begin selecting shields and revealing what is hidden behind them.

Superman II and the Progressive Jackpot

At any point during the game the progressive jackpot can be triggered. The jackpot is connected with other super hero games as a part of the DC Super Hero Progressive Jackpot.

To get started playing you can download the game and play for fun, or register your account and play for real money.