25 Line Jacks or Better

One of the most exciting and rewarding online casino games found in the world of online gambling today is video poker, and within that genre of games, one seems to permanently stand out time after time – Jacks or Better. This five card poker game is played along the same lines as regular video poker, with the lowest combination being a pair of Jacks (hence the game's title). 25 Line Jacks or Better is a slight variation of regular Jacks or Better, which allows you to play 25 lines (hands) at the exact same time, with all 25 hands always played.

How to Play 25 Line Jacks or Better Video Poker

As noted, when you choose to play 25 Line Jacks or Better at Slots Heaven, you are essentially playing a 25 hand video poker variant of the game. You select how many coins you wish to wager from 1 to 5 per line, and then how much money you wish you wager. You'll find easy icons to help navigate your choices. Five cards are then dealt to the first line by the machine. You then choose which cards to hold (some, none or all – the choice is yours) and which cards you want to discard, remembering all the while that your objective is to make the best poker card hand possible based on payouts on the pay table. The cards you choose to hold are held across the other 24 lines. Once you've made your decision, you click Draw to have the discarded cards replaced. You are then paid out according to how many poker hands of Jacks or Better you have managed to complete.

Play 25 Line Jacks or Better Video Poker for Free

One of the best kept secrets is that it is possible to play 25 Line Jacks or Better at Slots Heaven for free. The free Online Slots Casino not only allows you to play casino games for free, but actually encourages it for a number of reasons. For starters, the site wants you to familiarize yourself with the rules of online video poker and other games without spending real cash initially. Then, once you have learned the rules and bettered your strategy, you can start playing for real money with more confidence and better knowledge. Take full advantage of Slots Heaven's offer to play 25 Line Jacks or Better video slot for free!