Golden Tour Slots

If you are a golf fan, then you know all about the Golden Tour. The tournament that every golfer wants to win, whether in reality or just in their dreams, these online slots represent that sterling and exciting opportunity. Ready to take home the trophy? Then come over, and let’s hit the greens!

Play Golden Tour Slots Online

Golden Tour Slots Explained

Golden Tour is a five payline option, so there aren’t too many lines to keep straight. In this respect, this version is actually a lot easier to follow than others with more involved routes. The wagers are also easier to calculate since there aren’t as many lines building up your bets. The pay table is set up a little differently than it is in other Slots Heaven online casino games, so we’ve compiled a quick guide to help you read it coherently! Take a look:

  • The icons are displayed on the top row; these are the images that will appear on the reels. These are also the pictures that you want to see lining up across the rows for wins.
  • The X’s on the leftmost side are indicating how many of each of the images you might find on the screen for a payout.
  • Finally, the numbers that are found below the images are the payout multiplier that you can use to calculate your score for that win.

Golden Tour Slots Payouts

Now that you have some idea of what all the information is on the chart, here is an example to help you calculate properly. Let’s say you find three pairs of shoes in a row on your screen. Go over to the chart, and you’ll see that under the shoes symbol next to the three X’s is a five. That tells you that you can multiply your line bet by five to get the total win for that combination. If you wagered one coin for that line, then you’ll win five coins for this exciting combination. Of course, the further down the row you go, the higher the payout will be. For example, the golf clubs are more valuable than those shoes we spoke about, while the golf cart is even more prized. The golf balls are the ultimate payouts, with the two thousand-point payout for the highest jackpot symbol!

One last thing, Golden Tour has several scatter symbols, the duck, the fish or the gopher symbols. Three of these will send you to the bonus round where you’ll receive prizes galore! Ready to go? Then head to Online Slots Casino Slots Heaven, and give it a swing!