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Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular card games in the world. It has been a mainstay in offline casinos for countless decades and was one of the first card games to appear on online casinos.

At Slots Heaven, you’ll find a selection of online Blackjack games created by the best developers in the business, and it’s those games, along with some key strategies and tips, that we’ll discuss in this guide.

Rules: How to Play Blackjack

Mastering the game of Blackjack can take many years but learning the basics is easy. Take a look at the following rules and features to quickly get to grips with this game.

  1. Order of Play: Blackjack is a very simple game with some basic rules that are easy to understand. The order of play is as follows:

    1. The first step in a game of Blackjack is for players to place their wagers. All Blackjack games have minimum and maximum limits and these differ considerably from game to game and casino to casino, typically going from upwards of £0.10 to hundreds or thousands of pounds.

    2. Next up, players are dealt a single face-up card by the dealer, who also deals themselves a face-up card. An additional card is dealt to each player and this is placed face-down.

    3. Players make their moves (all betting options are listed below) and wait for the dealer to take their turn.

    4. Bets are settled as wins or losses, money is moved to or from the players, and the hand ends.

  2. Card Values: All cards from 2 through to 10 count for their face value, edging your score ever-closer to that illustrious 21. An Ace can count as a 1 or 11; all picture cards count as 10.
  3. Hit or Stand: The main decision players need to make is whether they should Hit or Stand. A hit means they will be dealt another card, taking them closer to 21 but threatening to take them over as well. A Stand means they settle for the score that they have and then wait for the dealer to take their turn.
  4. Advanced Options: You can also make the following moves during a hand of Blackjack, although they are not available in all variants:
  • Double Down: Get an extra card, double your money, and end the hand when the card has been dealt.
  • Split: Take a pair and split them to form two hands.
  • Insurance: Offered when the dealer has an ace as their face-up card. If you take it, you will receive a payout if their next card is a 10 and they secure a Blackjack/Natural.
  • Surrender: Allows you to surrender your hand in exchange for some of your stake.
  • Side Bets: An additional bet you can make before the hand begins, with options including Perfect Pairs and 21+3.
  • Multi-Hand: Play multiple hands of Blackjack at once.
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Rule Variations

There are many different variants of Blackjack, each offering something different, with varying odds, features, and payouts.

  • European: Often pla:ed with 6 decks, European Blackjack rarely allows splits of 4s, 5s or 10s, the dealer stands on Soft, insurance is always allowed and Surrender never is.
  • American: Surrender is often allowed, 6 decks are often used, all two cards can be doubled (even after a split) and up to 3 splits are allowed. American Blackjack is one of the most popular and can be found in countless online and offline casinos.
  • Spanish 21: Although very similar to American and European Blackjack, Spanish 21 typically has a higher house edge, which may be provided by a lower payout, higher deck count, and several other features.
  • Switch: Initially developed by Playtech, Blackjack Switch is played with two hands at once and players are allowed to switch these hands around.
  • Pontoon: A British Blackjack variant often known simply as 21. More decks tend to be used but it can also include a feature known as a Five-Card-Trick, which is when players have five cards without going bust. This is one of the strongest hands in the game.
  • Double Attack: 8 decks are used but all are Spanish decks, which means they don’t include 10s. Players can double; dealers can split; Blackjack pays even money and insurance pays 5 to 2.

Odds and Payouts

The house edge in Blackjack varies greatly from variant to variant. For instance, a single deck game of Blackjack will generally fall below 0.50%, but if you add Switch and Surrender features these odds drop even further. On the flip side, games that change the standard 3:2 payout and opt for something like 1:1 will typically have much higher odds.

  • Blackjack: Also known :s a “Natural”, a Blackjack is the best hand in the game and is secured when you score 21 with two cards (an ace and a picture card). The standard payout is 3:2, which means a £1 bet will secure a profit of £1.50 for a return of £2.50, but some games reduce the payout to 5:4.
  • Regular Hand: The payout for a regular win is 1:1, which means a £1 bet will generate a return of £2.
  • Insurance: You can take insurance when the dealer shows an Ace. If their next card is a 10 and they secure a Blackjack, you’ll get a payout of 2:1, or £2 profit from a £1 bet.
  • Tie: In the event of a tie, also known as a push, all bets are returned and the player doesn’t lose anything.
Winning Hand Pays $1 Bet Pays
Blackjack 3:2 $2.5 ($1+$1.5)
Regular Hand 1:1 $2 ($1+$1)
Insurance 2:1 $3 ($1+$2)
Tie   $1

Basic Strategies and Tips

It’s often said that the purpose of Blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible. This is true, to an extent, but the real goal is to beat the dealer because as long as you have a better score than them, you will win.

This is something that many casual players overlook, but something that experienced players always take into account. To help you succeed more when playing this game, keep this in mind and remember to use the following Blackjack strategies carefully.

  1. Split

    Experts recommend that you always split when you have a pair of Aces.

    Two Aces in one hand will give you a score of 12, with one Ace counting for 11 and the other Ace for 1. The only way to get to 21 is if you land a 9. A 7 or 8 will put you in a good position but a 10 or more will force you to turn those Aces into 1s and make things very tricky.

    On the flip side, if you split you will have two 11s, which means that all 10 value cards in the deck (4 in total) will get you to 21.

    8s should also be split and both 8s and Aces should be re-split if allowed but 10s should never be split. In doing so, you’re simply swapping one strong hand for two weak ones.

    Your Hank When to Split vs the Dealer
    2's, 3's 4 through 7
    4's, 5's, 10's Never
    6's 3 through 6
    7's 2 through 7
    8's Always
    9's 2 through 6 and 8 or 9
    Ace's Always
  2. Double

    A Double is generally recommended when you have a hard 10 or 11, as there’s a high chance you’ll get an unbeatable score and even if that doesn’t happen, you should still score big.

    However, it’s important to pay close attention to the dealer’s cards. If they are weak, a hard 9 can also be Doubled but you may be throwing your money away if they’re holding an ace.

    Your Hand Double if dealer face-up cards are:
    9 3 to 6
    10 2 to 9
    11 2 to 10
    Your Hand Double if Dealer face-up card is:
    A and 2 5, 6
    A and 3 5, 6
    A and 4,5 4, 5, 6
    A and 6 3 to 6
    A and 7 2 to 6
    A and 8 6
  3. Surrender

    Surrender is a good option to have but needs to be used wisely.

    Early surrender is recommended if you have a Hard 5 to 7 or 12 to 17, but only if the dealer has an Ace. A 14 to 16 should also be surrendered early if the dealer has a 10. As for a late Surrender, this is advised when the dealer has a 10 and you have a 14 or they have an Ace and you have 15 or 16.

Mobile Experience

All Slots Heaven Blackjack games can be played on your mobile device, with support for Android and iOS. The graphics are just as slick as they are on desktop and you can also immerse yourself in the Live Casino experience, putting the power of a real-life, high-tech casino in the palm of your hands.

If you’re playing a Live Casino game of Blackjack, we recommend putting on a pair of headphones, turning up the volume, and making use of the chat box to truly immerse yourself.

Promotions and Bonuses

Most of the bonuses available at Slots Heaven can be used to play games of Blackjack, including Welcome Bonuses for new players and Reload Bonuses for loyal players.

Take a look at our promotions page to learn more and to catch-up with the latest offers. Our promotions change all of the time but there are always a few generous offers to explore, so keep a close eye on that page and check back regularly.


  1. How to Win at Blackjack?

    The key is to remember that Blackjack isn’t just about getting to 21. It’s all about beating the dealer. For instance, you can win with a score as low as 15 if the dealer goes bust. Of course, this isn’t easy to predict, but that’s why pro players focus on the dealer’s cards as much as their own.

    The first step to winning at Blackjack, however, is to find the best games, ones that have low house edges, favourable features, and, preferably, come with sizeable casino bonuses attached. You can get all of these benefits and more when you play Blackjack at Slots Heaven.

  2. Is it Possible to Count Cards in Online Blackjack?

    In short, no. Online casinos use software that effectively shuffles the deck after every hand, rendering card counting impossible. Simply put, if all played cards are shuffled back into the deck then there’s no benefit to counting cards.

  3. Where Can I Play Blackjack Against a Live Dealer?

    You can play some of the best Blackjack Live Casino games right here at Slots Heaven. We use the Playtech Eurolive platform, which plays host to a wide selection of premium Blackjack titles aimed at players of all stake levels. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a real-life casino when you take your virtual seat and start turning those cards.

  4. What Makes Slots Heaven the Best Blackjack Casino?

    One of the things that makes Slots Heaven standout is the vast selection of Blackjack variants available, from Switch to VIP, Classic, and more.

    We have won several awards for our services, offer 24/7 Customer Support, and allow players to choose from a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. And that’s not all, as you’ll also find a selection of bonuses at Slots Heaven.

Help and Support

If you have any questions about the game of Blackjack, whether you’re not sure about the rules, features or payouts, you can get help through one of the following options:

  1. In-Game Help Menu: You can get help directly through the game menu. Just click the hamburger icon, which is represented by three horizontal lines and can be found on all Blackjack games. This menu will showcase the game’s features, payouts, and rules.
  2. Customer Support: If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in the game menu, contact our Customer Support team. They are available 24/7 to help you with whatever Blackjack or account-related issue you have, with options for Live Chat, email and phone support.
  3. Live Casino Help: If you’re playing a Live Casino game of Blackjack, you can use the in-game chat box to speak with the dealer and the other players, asking them whatever is on your mind and getting a quick answer.

Play for Real Money

Slots Heaven is the best place to play online Blackjack in the United Kingdom. Sign up, log in, and deposit today to collect your Welcome Bonus and start playing one of the world’s best-loved card games.

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