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Slots Heaven UK is home to a wide selection of casino payment methods; all secure, all fast, and all-encompassing. You can choose from any of these methods when making a deposit and withdrawing. Take a look below to learn more, as we delve into the many options available to Slots Heaven players.


You can choose from over a dozen different deposit options at Slots Heaven, all offering a fast and safe way to pay. The payment option you choose will depend on everything from your location, bank account and preferences, but you can find the following types of payments here:

  • Card payments: Including debit and credit cards. Deposits are fast and secure and withdrawals typically clear within 3 to 5 business days after being processed.
  • Bank transfers: A slower method that is offered to everyone with a bank account. There are also instant bank transfer solutions that expedite the process.
  • Wallets: Web wallets are one of the fastest ways to pay, with your money stored on a virtual wallet, allowing you to move it around at will.
  • Prepaid cards: A type of debit card that is not connected to a bank account and can be loaded just like a phone card.

All of the following casino payment methods fall into the above categories and all of them are available for deposits and withdrawals here at Slots Heaven.

  1. PayPal - One of the biggest, best-known and most popular payment options in the world, PayPal is highly-sought after in the online gambling industry. Many players refuse to use anything else, because most of them have PayPal accounts, know how to use it and are completely comfortable with it.

    PayPal is great for storing your bankroll and can be used to transfer money to your casino account, to send cash to friends and to make purchases at countless online stores. It is safe and there are numerous ways you can load your PayPal account, as well as features that make it easy to manage, transfer and grow your balance.

    PayPal deposits and withdrawals are free at Slots Heaven and they’re also instant, with the withdrawal hitting your account as soon as the pending period has finished.

  2. Skrill - Skrill is often considered to be the closest competitor to PayPal, but these days it is much more than that and has become a leading payment provider in its own right. Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a UK-based company that is available in dozens of countries around the world. Skrill processes billions of pounds worth of transactions every year and is the payment service of choice for countless online players.

    In many ways, Skrill is comparable to its American cousin, PayPal. It can be used as a bankroll, accepting money from multiple locations and then transferring it where you need it to go.

    Skrill processes payments quickly and easily and there are no fees associated with deposits and withdrawals. However, you may be charged some fees when adding money to your Skrill account using a credit card.

  3. Sofort - Sofort is a real-time bank transfer payment service that serves as a bridge between a user’s bank account and the website through which they are making a deposit. It’s a secure and instant bank transfer, offering a quick and easy way to complete a process that used to require a longwinded phone call.
  4. Visa - Visa is the biggest provider of debit and credit cards in the world. It is also one of the most recognisable brands, one that transcends cultures, languages, and borders. There are many benefits to using Visa, including the fact that it’s an accessible and widely used card, with millions of users in the United Kingdom alone.

    There are no fees for debit card deposits or withdrawals but you may be charged by your provider if you make deposits using a credit card. It’s worth noting, however, that UK players are not allowed to use credit cards on online gambling websites following a 2020 rule change.

  5. Mastercard - In the UK, and pretty much all over the world, Mastercard is the second biggest financial services provider, with Visa being the number 1. Mastercard provides debit cards and credit cards and they also offer prepaid cards.

    With a prepaid Mastercard, you can make safe and secure deposits. Just load the card using debit, credit or a web wallet, and then use this fully loaded card to transfer money to your online casino account. Prepaid Mastercards work just like the real thing, only they are not connected to your bank account and are easier to acquire.

  6. Maestro - The Maestro brand was introduced by Mastercard in the 1990’s. It offers debit cards and credit cards and while it is not that popular or well known in Europe, it does still make an appearance every now and then.

    As with Mastercard and Visa, all Maestro cards can be used to transfer money to your Slots Heaven account. Just select the option from the menu, enter the details on your card, and then choose your deposit amount. Once you’re ready to make your withdrawal, you can follow the same process and move the money into your bank account.

  7. Bank Transfers - An old-school payment method that remains the option of choice for many users. If you don’t have a web wallet or debit card, a bank transfer is a good option to have. It is a little slower and requires a little more effort, but it’s also an option that all users have. If you have a bank account then you have everything you need to make a bank transfer.
  8. Citadel Instant Banking - An instant bank transfer service that was founded by a Canadian company but is available in over two dozen countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

    If you want a quick way to move money from your bank account but don’t want to go through the typically slow bank transfer process, this is a great alternative.

  9. Neteller - Neteller, like Skrill, is a UK-based company, and that’s not where the similarities end. In fact, while Neteller and Skrill were once considered competitors and are still two of the top three providers in the eyes of most players, they are actually owned by the same company.

    It’s no accident that Skrill and Neteller share a lot of features, including the swiftness at which they are able to process payments and the ease at which everything can be managed. You can fund your Neteller account using a bank transfer, credit card or even another web wallet, and once you have money in your account you can start spending it or transferring it to your online casino account.

  10. Delta - Delta was the name given to Visa debit cards in the United Kingdom and is still used by some cardholders and has implanted itself into the public consciousness.

    Visa Debit or “Delta” is just one of the many debit and credit card options available at Slots Heaven. It is a fast, free, and safe way to make a deposit and because it’s connected to your bank account, it means you don’t need to take any additional steps to make that deposit or initiate a withdrawal.

    Visa Delta withdrawals take a few days to process but that money will go straight to your bank account.

  11. EcoPayz - EcoPayz is a secure web wallet service that makes it easier and safer to send and receive money online. You can transfer money to your Slots Heaven account in just a few clicks and you can also request an EcoCard, which is a type of debit/prepaid card that is tied to your EcoPayz account.

    EcoPayz prides itself on its level of security and is one of the safest ways to transact online. You can load your EcoPayz account using a debit or credit card (along with other payment options) and once you have that money in your account, you’re always one click away from moving it where you want it to go.

  12. PaySafeCard - The company behind Skrill and Neteller also owns PaySafeCard, making them one of the biggest payment providers on the internet and ensuring they can provide players with multiple options for deposits and withdrawals.

    But unlike Neteller and Skrill, which operate in similar ways and fall under the “web wallet” bracket, PaySafeCard is very different and very unique.

    PaySafeCard works on a series of voucher codes, which are essentially very secure prepaid cards. You purchase a code that has a specific amount of money tied to it. You can then visit the cashier, choose the PaySafeCard deposit option, and enter this code.

    The great thing about PaySafeCard is that each code is unique and completely secure. If you use your debit/credit card or your web wallet login, you could stand to lose a lot of money and, at the very least, deal with a great deal of stress. If you misplace a PaySafeCard, you’ll only lose the amount that you transferred onto it.

  13. MuchBetter - MuchBetter is designed to simplify the payment process when using mobile casinos. If you have a phone then you have everything you need to make payments using MuchBetter.

    Not only can you pay using just your mobile number, but you can also request a prepaid Mastercard that is connected to your MuchBetter account and gives you even more options when transferring or spending money online.

    MuchBetter is completely safe and secure and it is also backed by a strong and dedicated support team. Combine that with our own committed Customer Support team and you’re unlikely to have any issues when making a deposit using MuchBetter.

All options come with their own limits, with minimum and maximums applying to deposits and withdrawals. See our Help and Support section below for more information.

No Deposit Options

You don’t always need to deposit to play at Slots Heaven. We also have no deposit bonuses that allow you to load your account without making a deposit, before using these credits to play some of our real money slots and table games. Take a look at our no deposit and no deposit spin options to learn more.


Our withdrawal options are essentially the same as our deposit options. In most cases, you need to make a withdrawal through the same method that you used to deposit, although sometimes we may need to process payments through an alternative method.

Every withdrawal method has its own limit, details of which you can find on our payments page. If this no deposit bonus sounds like just the deal for you, come and take a look at our Promotions page for all of the bonus details and information you need. For more information on these limits and other essential info, take a look at our Withdrawal Policy or read our Help and Support section below.

Help and Support

We have a dedicated Customer Support team on hand to help you with whatever issues you have. If you have a question about any casino payment methods or you encounter an issue during the deposit/withdrawal process, just contact our team.

The Slots Heaven Customer Support team is available 24/7 by Live Chat, email, and telephone.

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