Play Arctic Treasure slots at Slots Heaven

The frozen tundra of the North Pole is a beautiful but dangerous place. Legend speaks of a mysterious ice kingdom full of vicious wild animals that can only be tamed by the Snow Queen who rules over this deadly place. Hungry wolves and bears will chase any unwanted visitors away, warned by the watchful eyes of wise old owls. The myths say that the snow queen herself controls these creatures using her magical powers. Would-be adventurers will have some help in the form of brave Eskimos who are ready to assist anyone courageous enough for this Arctic adventure. Until now no one has yet managed to melt the Snow Queen’s frozen heart and win her bountiful treasures. At Slots Heaven South Africa you can embark on an exciting, magical adventure and bring home untold bounties.

Keep Warm with Our $100 (plus 200 free spins) Free Bonus as You Play the Arctic Treasure Online Slot

It might sound strange, but this game has the power to whisk you away to a magical frozen land, far away from home. According to legend, the evil Snow Queen was once a beautiful young girl whose broken heart led her to this lonely place. With wild animals as her only companions, she built up a fortune in treasure and locked it away in her frozen palace. Over the years many adventurers have tried to melt her heart and failed. Legend also says that she is saving it all for only the bravest of travellers. It’s not an easy task, as vicious wolves and polar bears patrol her palace and silent owls sit in high watchtowers. And on top of all that, there is the Arctic cold to deal with! But we have a solution for that: all new players get a heart-warming free bonus of $100 (plus 200 free spins) which they can use in any of our online casino games.

Bring Home the Bounty with Arctic Treasure at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino!

Arctic Treasure is a slot machine themed around the chilly North Pole and the many mysteries and legends that surround it. It is a 5 reel 20 payline slot filled with wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, free games, bonuses and an exciting Gamble feature. Keep on the lookout for the Snow Queen as she is the wild symbol and can give you winning combinations. The scatter symbols are represented by the friendly Eskimos paddling past in their cute kayaks. Free spins and huge multipliers heat things up to make this chilly game red hot. And you get plenty of opportunities to build up some impressive scores! The bonus Gamble feature is just the ice-ing on the cake and makes this a really cool addition to our online slots collection.