Play Lucky Blackjack at Slots Heaven

Lucky Blackjack is another of those unusual variations of the standard online blackjack game. This one, however, goes totally disappears off the radar because the player does not actually receive any cards. Instead, the player has to bet only on the outcome of the dealer’s hand. Because the game is no longer a two-way street the action is faster but that does not make it any less exciting. As the name suggests this is more a game of luck than strategy as you decide to bet on one or more of the available options.

If this sounds intriguing and you’re feeling lucky then hop across to Slots Heaven South Africa and find yourself a table to play Lucky Blackjack.

Get to Seventh Heaven with Lucky Blackjack at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

The concept behind Lucky Blackjack may sound strange but the game itself is one of the easiest versions of blackjack. Nothing could be simpler than betting on the outcome of the dealer’s hand. The game starts in the usual way. The player selects from seven options in a hexagon at the foot of the card table. The player must decide whether to go for options ranging between 17 and 21, blackjack or bust. If the player selects 19, for instance, he is simply predicting that the dealer will finish with a total of 19 from his face-up cards.

The action starts when the dealer draws two cards. If the total comes to 16 or below he must continue to draw cards until the hand reaches or exceeds 17. In this game, Blackjack must be an ace and a ten or picture card and is separate from 21. If this sounds like seventh heaven to you, select Lucky Blackjack from our list of online casino games for a fun game. Your luck is bound to change for the better as you play with our cool $100 welcome bonus.

Lucky Blackjack Payouts

When you play Lucky Blackjack, the range of payouts is considerable for the seven available options, starting from 2:1 for a bust to 19:1 for a blackjack. In between it is a 5:1 payout for 17, while 18 and 19 both pay 6:1. If a dealer’s hand totals 20 the bet pays 4:1 and finally it is 19:1 for a 21 which, remember, is not blackjack.

It is possible to bet on more than one area too so you can spread your wagers just like you can split on a roulette table. This is one variation of online blackjack that you will love; it is fast, furious, and full of surprises.