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The stranger steps into the crowded saloon, his hat tilted low and covering his eyes. Suddenly the music stops and all eyes turn to him. He strides towards the bar, the dust of a week’s riding covering his coat. He orders two fingers of red-eye whisky from the nervous barman, and pulls out a battered deck of cards. ‘Anyone for a game of blackjack?’ he asks. Suddenly the music starts up and excited talk fills the room. As they say, there’s nothing like a good ol’ game of blackjack to fire people up. After its entry into America from the European continent, it has become the all American card game that has been played from the dustiest saloons to the glitziest casinos of Las Vegas. At online casinos, you find different exciting and fun versions of this game, one of the best being American Blackjack.

Online slots casino South Africa is proud to bring all of that rooting ‘n tooting action right into your home. All you need to do is log in and get started!

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Even though blackjack is one of the most played card games in America, an early version was actually brought over from Europe by colonists and explorers who wanted to discover fame and fortune in the new world. That game was simply called 21. It was in the casinos and gambling houses of the United States that the name blackjack was coined: many casinos offered a bonus on a hand of 21 that contained an ace of spades and a Jack of clubs or of spaces, which was how the name was born. That bonus is no longer there, but the name stuck.

The thrilling mix of strategy, luck, and simple, easy-to-learn gameplay makes American Blackjack appealing to both experts and beginners alike. In fact beginners have an extra card up their sleeve with the free $100 (plus 200 free spins) bonus that we offer to new players. This bonus can be used not just in American Blackjack but in any of our online casino games. There’s never been a better time to try out this amazing way to play.

Play American Blackjack at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

American Blackjack’s realistic graphics and sound effects give you the feeling of sitting at a high stakes table at a Las Vegas casino. The classic gameplay is both familiar and at the same time, refreshing.

You play with 6 decks, and can double after a split. Apart from that it’s fun of good ol’ blackjack all the way that makes this game a sensational hit all across America! Go through our roster of online blackjack and click American Blackjack for a perfect blackjack experience.