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When the going gets tough, the tough get going, they say. However, sometimes if you can’t stand the heat you have to get out of the kitchen. Blackjack Surrender is an online blackjack game that has all the familiar rules of the classic casino card game but with an additional clause. This is the get-out clause that you can use when you feel that the dealer holds all the aces, or at least a better hand than your own.

In Blackjack Surrender the objective remains the same: very player tries to get a hand of 21 or close to that, a hand that is better than that of the dealer. With the right strategy and a bit of luck you could land a blackjack on the first two turned-up cards - an ace and a card with a value of ten. This pays out much higher than an ordinary win. If you don’t get an instant blackjack don’t worry because there are plenty of ways to get to the magic figure of 21. Surrender yourself to this fantastic version of blackjack at these online slots where the tables are always open, because this casino never closes.

Explore Blackjack Surrender at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casinos

In Blackjack Surrender players can do all the usual stuff that makes blackjack so exciting: split, double, or even take out insurance when the dealer turns over an ace. However, there is a new element in this game, the element of surrender, which is what the name of the game says. The surrender element allows you to throw your hand in. You would do this only if you think your hand is too low to beat the dealer’s, that there is a good chance that you may bust on a necessary hit, or that the dealer is likely to beat your own hand.

In any of these instances you can surrender your cards. You lose only half your stake instead of the whole amount if you surrender. If you like the thrill of Blackjack but have a cautious side to your nature then this is the game for you. Come to Slots Heaven South Africa and select this awesome game from our list of online casino games to play with our guaranteed $100 welcome bonus for new players.

Getting a Payout in Blackjack Surrender

We all want to get paid for our efforts, that this holds good when you play Blackjack Surrender as well. If your hand is stronger than that of the dealer you get paid depending on the outcome and the value of your hand.

If you simply beat the dealer on a standard winning hand that counts as an even-money bet, and pays 1:1. If you took out insurance and win you will receive a 2:1 payout. But if you land a blackjack which is not matched by the dealer your payout will likely be 3:2. You also have the option of surrendering your cards, in which case you are refunded half your stake. When you play online blackjack a whole new world opens up; so come and play Blackjack Surrender or any of our other blackjack games for a fun and exciting experience.