Play Deuces Wild Multi Hand Video Poker at Slots Heaven South Africa Today

Online video poker is a trend that is heating up all across South Africa. The game is a mix between online slots and 5-card poker. Instead of going up against friends, and trying to bluff your way into winning a pile of chips, with online video poker it’s all about the cards and creating a winning hand.

How to Play Deuces Wild Multi Hand at Slots Heaven South Africa

You can play Deuces Multi Hand video poker at Slots Heaven South Africa and enjoy multiple chances at winning real money with each hand. The game is fairly simple, first thing you’ll want to do is select how much money you wish to wager and how many hands you want to be dealt. Please note, that the bet you wager is per hand, so if you wager 1$ per hand and play with 25 hands, your actual bet is 25$

The first set of cards that you’re dealt is the base hand, here you can choose which of the cards you want to hold onto and which to trash. The 2 card, or Deuce, is automatically selected to be held because it is a wild.

Here is where you need to develop a strategy and understand the different winning combinations, and the payouts for each win. Take this hand for example, 2, 7, 9, 10, A – you can choose to hold onto everything but the A and try for the straight. The other option is to keep the 2 and the A, which would give you great odds on winning “3 of a kind”.

Once you select which cards to keep, they will also be saved on all the hands you chose to play. Next click the deal button and your trash cards will be removed, and new cards will be dealt to all your hands. Your wins are automatically tallied up and the winnings are deposited into your account.

Start Playing Deuces Wild Multi Hand Video Poker at Slots Heaven South Africa Today

You can start playing this exhilarating multi hand online casino game today for real money by simply creating an online casino account and making a deposit. Once the money has been processed you can download Deuces Wild Multi Hand video poker to your computer and get started playing today.