Play Gold Rally slots at Slots Heaven

Pick up your Stetson, grab those refried beans and get on your horse, because we are heading back to the Wild West and going gold hunting. The Wild West was the time when prospecting for gold was the rage and getting rich meant getting dirty. In the 19th century thousands of people headed for the hills with their pick axes, sticks of dynamite and gold pans in search of the precious metal that could change their lives forever.

The Gold Rush was a significant period of American history; it meant great success for some and ruin and death for others. You can relive that exciting period with this thrilling slot set in one of the deep mines typical of the time. Jump onto one of the rail carts, weave your way through the tunnels and experience the thrill of that first glimpse of the shiny stuff in the rock. There’s gold in them hills and Slots Heaven South Africa has made sure you will have one helluva ride in finding it.

Join the Gold Rush and Find Your Fortune with the Gold Rally Online Slot

Gold Rally is a humorous Gold Rush-themed slot with a set of funny guys charging through the mine at full speed on a rail cart, yelling and hollering, lanterns and pick axes in hand as they close in on what they hope will be a fortune. When Jamie Wilson Marshall sparked the original Gold Rush in 1849 he and the owner of the mill on whose land the flakes were found tried to keep it a secret but failed. The ‘49ers would beg, steal, and borrow to get involved in the prospecting craze. You don’t have to do any of that; just choose Gold Rally from our list of online casino games and charge ahead to get rich. We have even set aside a cool $100 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus to fund your adventure.

Find the Real Deal with Gold Rally at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

Gold Rally is a light-hearted 3-reel slot with 8 paylines that brings to life a time when being an entrepreneur meant mucking in; get filthy to get filthy rich! This game has loads of cool symbols. As you’d expect the symbols are all related to mining and include dynamite sticks, horseshoes, lanterns, weighing scales, a rail cart, revolver and a pick axe. The scales are the scatter symbol and four stick of dynamite triggers a bonus. You can get winning combinations horizontally, vertically and even diagonally!

Everything is possible in Gold Rally, one of our coolest online slots. So if you’re feeling adventurous and love gold, go ahead and make the trip; this just might be your golden opportunity at riches!