Play Ocean Princess Slots at Slots Heaven

If you feel it is time to climb into that wetsuit and pull on your flippers to explore the glorious undersea world, the Ocean Princess online slot is just the thing for you! It doesn’t matter if you have never even dipped your toes in the water before now, because you play this fun slot from the cosy comfort of your home. That means anyone can experience the simple, fun, and exciting gameplay in this undersea adventure, with the Ocean Princess as the central character.

The Ocean Princess lives in a castle made of coral in the glittering crystal clear waters of the deep sea. She has quite a collection of treasure down there, but as her only friends are a few seahorses, starfish, and crabs she has no one to share it with, until now! Slots Heaven South Africa is privileged to be able to take you down ‘under the sea’ and help you try your luck against the beautiful Ocean Princess.

Make a Splash with our Free $100 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus as You Play the Ocean Princess Online Slot

It’s all fun and games at the bottom of the ocean, and now that the Ocean Princess has opened her underwater casino there’s never been a better time to dive in and play some slots! It’s so easy to play that even the crabs have had a go, and now it’s your turn. It is party time in Poseidon's palace as the porpoise of this game is to have a lot of fin, and perhaps win a bit of that booty too!

In fact, we would never say that our saucy siren is ‘shellfish’; in fact she’s offering a free $100 (plus 200 free spins) bonus that new players can use to play this fascinating game, or any of our other online casino games for that matter. You can see she isn’t really fishing for compliments, as she’s got a lot of sole! So go on and make a splash as you play Ocean Princess at Slots Heaven South Africa!

Get Underwater with the Ocean Princess Slot at Slots Heaven South Africa Online Casino

In case you haven’t already guessed, Ocean Princess is an underwater-themed slot that gives you an ocean’s worth of delight without even getting your feet wet. This 3-reel slot with 5 paylines keeps it simple, with the Ocean Princess’ crown as the only wild symbol. The rest of the reels are filled with crabs, starfish, turtles, and seahorses. All you have to do is match them up correctly to win the jackpot!

The gameplay is as simple and pure as a glass of water; there is nothing to get in the way of you having all out fun when you play! Like our other sea-themed online slots Ocean Princess too allows you to get underwater without having to sail into the seas. So go on and play; you are just one click away from the undersea adventure of a lifetime!