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Gold is one of the world’s rarest, most expensive, and most sought-after metals. It’s a precious metal in every sense of the word and it has been coveted by humans throughout history, from the gold-rich Mesoamericans to the power-hungry Romans. When you see gold bars, gold rings, and gold coins, you instantly picture wealth, fortune, and prosperity, and you will find plenty of gilded paraphernalia on these gold themed slot games.

Whether it’s a pot overflowing with gold coins and sitting at the end of a rainbow, a hefty gold bar glittering in the sunlight, or a crisp gold coin, this precious metal always takes center stage in these slot games.

Look for Scatter Symbols and Wilds

Look out for the scatter symbols and the wilds, because whether these have a golden theme or not, they will likely be the biggest symbols in the game. Scatters trigger instant wins and/or bonus features, while wilds can substitute for most other game symbols. The payouts vary depending on the game and they are always relative to your stake, but these features are often where the biggest wins can be found.

Who knows, if you’re lucky enough to secure a big win on a gold-themed slot game, you could secure enough money to buy your own gold bar or fill your own cauldron with coins!

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