Play Lucky Blackjack Online at Slots Heaven

If you’re looking for a premium online casino games experience, with fast-paced action, plenty of ways to win a payout and some special features that enhance your overall experience, then take a look at what our Lucky Blackjack games at this slots website have to offer. Lucky Blackjack is completely different to the traditional casino classic; so it’s perfect for players looking for a new kind of online blackjack experience. Rather than play your own hand, you do not receive any cards; your aim is to correctly predict the outcome of the dealer’s hand only. When it comes to your winnings, payouts are much higher than the standard game, with up to 19x your coin amount up for grabs – and if you choose to open a real money account today with us today, you can double your bankroll right away with a 100% Welcome Bonus up to $100 plus 200 free spins.

Game Information & How to play

When you play Lucky Blackjack, you do not receive any cards. All bets are on the dealer’s hand, with your role being to try and predict the point total of the dealer’s cards at the end of the game. The dealer must draw of he has a point total less than 17, and can stand on hand valued from 17 to 21. There are seven different bets you can make in a Lucky Blackjack game:

  • A bet on the point total being 17, 18, 19, 20 or 21
  • A bet that the dealer makes Blackjack
  • A bet that the dealer goes bust

When you play Lucky Blackjack, you are not limited to one bet; just like an online Roulette game, you can place multiple bets to cover the field. To make a bet, select your chip value and then place your bet on one or several of the hexagonal areas on the betting table. Hit deal, and watch as the dealer receives his card and plays his hand.


Lucky Blackjack is completely different to other versions of online Blackjack, and so it has a different payout structure. This works in the player’s favour, however, with much bigger payouts than a standard game. For instance, correctly predict that the dealer’s hand is worth 17 points to win a 5:1 payout. Predict the dealer’s hand of 18 or 19 for a 6:1 payout, while the correct prediction of 20 points in total will award you a payout of 4:1. If you guessed that the dealer would get Blackjack, you will receive 19:1, while a correctly predicted bust hand will pay out at 2:1.