Play Progressive Blackjack online at Slots Heaven Canada

For players who love exciting real money games online with massive progressive jackpots up for grabs, our state of the art Progressive Blackjack option at this slot machines site should have plenty to offer. As well as all the standard thrills and spills of a standard online blackjack game, Progressive Blackjack also gives you a massive jackpot up for grabs; a progressive jackpot has no upper limit to how much it can pay out and offers some of the richest payouts available online. And when you choose to join us for our real money games today, you can also claim your exclusive double your money $100 plus 200 free spins Welcome Bonus. You can use your bonus to play your favourite online casino games – simply sign up, make your deposit and play to claim your extra bankroll before you even hit the felt!

Game Basics & How to Play

Following basic rules and a familiar format, Progressive Blackjack gives you the extra opportunity to win a massive Progressive Jackpot payout. You can only place a bet on the Progressive Jackpot side bet alongside your regular wager; the progressive is not a standalone bet. If you do bet on the progressive jackpot, the jackpot is triggered at random and the amount you win is the amount showing on the jackpot counter at the time of winning. Note: when you play Progressive Blackjack, a winning hand of Ace and ten after a split will count as 21, but not a Blackjack – and this is reflected in your payout. To get started, open an account and make a deposit, then select Progressive Blackjack from the casino lobby. Set your chip value, place your bet and the optional side bet if you want the chance to hit the jackpot, and then hit Deal.

Winnings & Payouts

The Progressive Blackjack jackpot is linked across several machines, and it starts with a basic seed amount of $50,000. There is no upper limit to how much it can pay out, and it accumulates in size every time a player pays into the side bet on one of the linked machines. There is a jackpot counter showing the amount the jackpot has reached, and when the jackpot is won, it returns to its seed amount, ready to grow again! When you make the additional side bet, you can also earn extra payouts for different Ace combinations in your deal, so you get even more fun for your extra bet. Four Aces - red or Black – award the jackpot payout, but you also earn a payout for as little as two unsuited aces.